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Pillars of the community are rotting

The legal professionals ignore the crimes that victims of DEW and other covert attacks endure because no profit be apparent for lawyers in prosecuting difficult cases against fbi/cia/nsa, etc. Money, greed and immoral indifference to suffering characterize the legal professionals and in a broader sense the rulers of the USA. Attorneys and judges fraudulently condemn as paranoid all who make claims of covert, high tech assaults. Thus, for love of money, lawyers, doctors and others all pile on… Continue

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Additional evidence in support of my paper entitled “Corruption of Law & Society By fbi”

For over 15 years I have identified persons, companies, police and officials of the crimes committed against me by the fbi in their efforts to silence me from reporting their high and unconscionable crimes. No one in government addresses such wide spread corruption that I document. The fbi intends to not only silence me, but to show all other fbi agents/operatives/informants/contatcs (current, past and incoming) that “if you become a whistleblower you will…


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fbi crimes against my person

The fbi in efforts to both silence me and to discredit my work  engages in multiple crimes against me including the following:


Cause doctors to falsify my medical records

Falsely attribute the words, “kill people” to me…


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fbi on facebook enters inflammatory statement & falsely attributes same to me

On the following Facebook page appears the following entry which I did not write and which the fbi fraudulently entered for their own smear purposes:

"kill people"

I filed reports with the Brownsville, PD (shown above) and with the FCC,


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Ted Gunderson, fraud

Information on gigantic fraud Ted Gunderson (gun)and absurd praise of 'gun" by big mouth Veterans Today propagandist Gordon Duff:



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The fbi, cia,dod,nsa et. al. all enjoy their anonymity as war criminals . The cowards use secret, invisible methods and technology against our people and as sub humans these perpetrators of heinous offenses represent  the lowest form of homo sapiens ever to inhabit the good earth.

Here are a few links in further explication:

DEW assaults:…


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I indict this society

In recognition of this corrupt and cowardly society, I provide the following indictment of individual leaders, professional practitioners and ordinary citizens who surrender their conscience and this nation unto the traitorous assassins & torturers of the fbi:

1) Lawyers - all abandoned me on learning of the fbi's fraudulent smear campaign against me; some of you gave no parting farewell, except to mumble ,"My country right or wrong" or , " Pray, Geral".

2) Academia -… Continue

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fbi retaliation for my recent reports

Fbi engages in numerous crimes and harassment in response to my recent posts online. Here are a few:

Extreme sleep deprivation via DEW and increased assaults by street thugs everywhere I go.

Invasion of my Facebook page and illegal posting on my page in my name.

Harassment on several occasions in the public library by professional criminals who seek to provoke a disturbance in order to provide the library chief (friend to fbi) a basis to ban me from the library.… Continue

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fbi national academy for murder

                             Macabre Culture of the fbi National Academy


The fbi's National Academy is a disgrace and history will not be kind to its graduates.

Be not proud…


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fbi continues cyber crimes against me; two fraudulent entries on my Facebook page

Here is the most recent fraudulent entry on my Facebook page


by the fbi:



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Celebrate this, fellow Americans:

At long last I announce that, as the original United States government has been *overthrown by a world criminal syndicate as spearheaded by ** fbi,cia, dod, nsa, etc., the true name of this country of assassins (which by clever manipulation of and substantial control over the minds of people has forged a society of hate mongers, sociopaths and murderers in the tradition of a world MAFIA authority) is:

Global Association of Assassins &… Continue

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Outlaws Are Better Company Than The Community of Cops

Those who get to know the nature of fbi agents, operatives, informants, police associates and street thugs the way I know them discover no need to fear them, but ample motive to pity both them and this nation that suffers their gross and murderous violations. I can assure the reader that a murderer is less to fear than the traitors in fbi, cia, police who rule the nation, as for example the MAFIA rules their syndicate. In most instances, as one reads my reports which illuminate the dirty and… Continue

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Corruption of cowardly creepy *congress & **courts means:

1) that the overthrown government here has no possibility of recovery;

2) the marble hallways of government are the hiding places of murderers, torturers and quasi demonic sub humans who pretend to be our countrymen and our servants.





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Ours, the most important work of this Age

By my articles/reports and those of other oppressed, tortured and terrorized persons, the macabre & inhumane character of the culture of the United States of America is shown to all the world. The evil minds of fbi, cia, dod, irs, nsa , police, etc., are revealed in all their horror by those of us who are being attacked, extremely abused and gruesomely murdered by government thugs

& their civilian operatives. By virtue of our efforts the reader/thinker may easily discover that… Continue

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Summary of fbi crimes & harassment in concert with others against me

Evidence of fbi crimes and harassment against ex fbi agent & whistleblower Geral Sosbee:

Fbi enters 'GAY' remark on my Facebook page :


Fbi commits POSTAL CRIME, plants my name at scene of the federal offense, causing USPI and TEXAS DPS to come to… Continue

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fbi hacks into my FB, enters false statements

The fbi hacked into my FACEBOOK page today and in revenge for my recent work here and on academia. com placed the false statement shown below and hit me hard with DEW. Also, the fbi contacted sitemeter and blocked their service on my website at www.sosbeevfbi.com. Here is the fraudulent post entered today by fbi assassins while I was suffering in bed from the DEW attack. Here are the false statements:

"did you know that I am gay

who want's… Continue

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