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The real fbi

The real fbi

As the lead domestic intelligence authority in USA, the fbi employs perhaps a million persons to control and to program the general population. Threats, stalking, monitoring, assaults by street thugs, extreme psychological operations, bio-chemical and viral agents and by DEW attacks are mainstays in fbi repertoire of dirty tools.

While the fbi pretends to help protect you, the real goal is to intimidate you, to turn you into an operative or informant, or at… Continue

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Our World Is Under Attack



Our world today, 2016, is under attack, not by aliens, but by traitors with familiar faces using cruel, space based weaponry on Earthlings:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the…


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Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi

Trauma and Stress Designed & Induced By fbi 

All cases prosecuted by or in any manner orchestrated by fbi, including evidentiary hearings in civil or criminal matters, must be remanded and the accused/defendant/patients released and compensated now. For I have proven that the fbi and their  twin evil group of assassins in cia engage in the rampant  torture, imprisonment and murder of human rights activists. By forcing their victim to endure torture or trauma, the fbi seeks to… Continue

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Hope may lead to crippling despair

Hope may lead to crippling despair

While many persons place faith in the concept that hope springs eternal, I discover ( with respect to unconscionable assaults on humans by DEW and by psychopaths ) that, after 3 decades of attacks on me by fbi assassins, hope for an end to the torture is dangerous.

For hope in the face of grim reality often leads to delusion, sadness and despair. Where hope is suspended, one may face the threat head on with confidence that the evil may… Continue

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BARBARA HARTWELL, A National Treasure

My best and wondrous friend for over a decade, through our shared stories of overcoming torture/torment/attempts on our lives by fbi & cia,

the splendid BARBARA HARTWELL:

In honor of the foremost champion of liberty in our time , BARBARA HARTWELL, whose work is achieved with unimaginable pain and suffering, I submit her latest accomplishment here.

Part One of BARBARA's documentary is presented in the first link below. Part Two is found in the last… Continue

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Fbi assassins increase assaults on me

The current attacks on me by fbi psychopaths are the result of renewed global studies of my documentaries:

Fbi increases terrorist assaults by

1) vandalism in my residence and car

2) verbal assaults almost everywhere I go by psychopaths seeking to provoke a response

3) theft or destruction of parts to my VA issued & service connected hearing aids

4) Assaults by DEW weaponry championed by our very own U.S. MARINES and causing me multiple… Continue

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