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A witch hunt society led by the witch (fbi)

I wrote the following 4 reports because the cjs and the cjis are run by serial killers, mass murderers and pathological liars in the fbi & cia; all inmates therefore deserve a new presumption of innocence

1) All prisoners are innocent:


2) A new perspective:…


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looking at the mirror: murderers and torturers clothed as sheep

This report suggests in its links how the general population assists the fbi,cia,dod in mass murder, selective assassinations, torture and widespread inhumane assaults on people globally. The purpose of the report is to hold a mirror up for all to see the evil that is USA society and the threats implied therein against the good people…


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Patriotism Lost

A patriot is never afraid to aggressively expose his government as murderous and overthrown, but is always saddened to do so.


All Americans who knowingly aid or condone the stealth coup of USA,… Continue

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Government Alienation Program, An Interpretation

When government attacks a person with the  intent to *publicly destroy & alienate him, and when such unscrupulous machinations succeed, the real loss is found not only in the suffering of the victim ( by loss of friends & kin) ,  but also in the collective conscience of the culture that fosters such unkind deeds. For they lose good will and the unique human capacity to feel.

"Alienation is the process whereby people become foreign to the world they are living… Continue

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The lowest common denominator rules the USA


The quality of something is poor because it is designed or intended to appeal to the largest possible number of people


This report presents evidence that the United States of America (USA) is controlled by the lowest form of human beings who represent in a sense the lowest common denominator of the national intellect and whose machinations are designed to appeal mainly to the ruling elite…


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In Brief

Economy of words abundance of meaning :
One veteran against the murderous, traitorous government of the United States of America.



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World Be Advised

The devastating effects of the illegal and traitorous activities of fbi/cia Cointel chiefs such as Ted Gunderson (Gun), Al Smith, James Brien Comey, et al, are profoundly embedded in the national psyche and are inherently and imperceptibly destructive of American rights and values .

So that today many Americans in their blind trust in and support for so-called leaders have become 1) insensitive to atrocities and 2) participants in or *accessories to the many felonies committed in… Continue

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USA, fbi, et al Crimes Against Humanity

I charge the United States of America (USA), including the fbi, their associates, operatives, and some members of the general population

with crimes against humanity which include the following acts:

A) torture, forced suicide (or attempts at same),

murder;imprisonment (including in one's own body) enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence; DEW assaults.

B)other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering or… Continue

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Memorial Day A Sham

Memorial Day A Sham And A Distraction From

USA ' s Crimes Against Humanity, As Spearheaded Globally By fbi,cia, dod, nsa, congress,scotus, etc.




Global Police State:…


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fbi, Gestapo

Hitler’s  Mengele made the statement (shown below) which is now also the implied predication  by the fbi,cia,nsa,dod to me and to many others globally.  The stakes were high then in Nazi Germany and today are  even higher: the total subjugation of mankind, the manipulation of the destiny of the human species, the permanent control of and power over earth and space, and the permanent removal of any competing agenda or political/religious/original dogma.



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Surrender to evil is not an option

As the *darkness is forced on the world by the assassins of the United States of America (fbi, cia,nsa,dod) all men must realize that this is an historic moment in civilization and that **surrender to evil is not an option.





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ID corrupt, felonious, traitorous cops and put them in jail

Wherever and whoever are identified as cowardly, traitorous, corrupt cops and fbi, they must be held accountable for their continuing crimes. They must be
prosecuted, imprisoned or put to death in accordance with law for their crimes against humanity. Such persons are associated with or directed by fbi thugs:


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Crimes Are Committed By Government

Many crimes in the USA are actually provoked, caused, or committed by *fbi,cia,police,uspi,, dps,nsa,prosecutors,etc , and are encouraged & covered up by **US CONGRESS and SCOTUS. See the following links if one be interested :

Fraudulent investigation:


Papers on topic:…


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My High School Years: Learning, Involvement, Friendship, Excitement

My High School Years, my L I F E

(Learning, Involvement, Friendship, Excitement).

My photo is # 4 from top, left to right.


SOSBEE, GEARL WAYNE. August 30, 1945, Carlsbad, New Mexico. Social Studies, English, Mathematics. Staff Sergeant, 2 Orange… Continue

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USA, a nation unworthy to defend

Memorial Day & "Enemy of the State" (?)



Memorial Day organizers and veterans groups prevent the publication of this veteran's report as shown below; by so blocking my notice the moderators, acting as government censors of free speech,… Continue

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Source of violence and suffering

The violence & indignities forced upon sane men by mad ones are the primary source of suffering and conflict in the world.


Top secret: fbi,cia treason and atrocities… Continue

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Unforgiveable crimes by fbi psychopaths

Unforgiveable & unforgettable crimes by fbi/cia…


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to: fbi and all under their influence

To the fbi, their operatives and those under their influence:
No weapon, no sharp wicked tongue shall silence me, nor prevail against me.

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I have proven over the past 15 years that the fbi,cia,dod, police, et al (& with the full complicity and assistance of congress & the courts) secretly torture, force suicide and murder our people via chemical, biological, viral and DEW assaults (as well as false imprisonment of large numbers of innocent persons), inter alia; therefore, the representatives and employees of the US government, individually and severally in all branches & departments are by their role in such atrocities… Continue

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Attorneys & judges allow fbi to fabricate evidence

I am a Texas attorney (inactive status) and I ask why are some judges

and attorneys railroading innocent people into prison!

Fbi fraudulent stings to set people up for arrest, imprisonment (or death) and

a lifetime of persecution/torture.


Perjury by fbi in alleged Sex offense



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