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fbi,congress send their miscreants at me 24/7

The fbi increase assaults (electronic & physical ) on me in response to my recent posts and my conversations in my home, etc. DEW assaults and car tampering such as remotely opening my trunk and other gas lighting games are common in my daily life. The torturers are paid by the government to engage in unending *crimes. They are psychopaths who enjoy high salaries, insurance & pension benefits and participation a full range of fbi sponsored macabre training and related travel… Continue

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My personal message to fbi/cia

To all fbi/cia agents & operatives (including cops & street thugs) who assaulted, tortured, and tried to kill me in USA, Thailand, Japan, Mexico: you failed and I succeeded in exposing you as the lowest form of human being ever to claim membership in the human race. Were your crimes worth the effort? You have doomed the United States of America.


In… Continue

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fbi/cia fraudulently dictate to google, yahoo, bing exactly who is 'whistlebower'

The most significant fbi whistleblower in the history of fbi is by order of fbi generally not referenced in search engines under "fbi whistleblower".



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Another Irony of our times is that the assassins and torturers of fbi/cia monitor Facebook, Twitter, etc., to identify political dissidents, troublemakers, and whistleblowers.

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Fbi crimes online (*fbi is master of engaging in cyber crimes)

Fbi follows me as I visit the NFCU (mentioned below). I am not a member and NFCU has no data on me ( neither my name, nor my email address). The fbi enters my name into a criminal internet fraud scheme( @bk.ru ) for harassment purposes as a reminder that the fbi is aware of my brief visit at the NFCU . NFCU representative (Minda) confirms that the group who sent the message to me seeks personal information in order to rob money from any account.

I have previously documented on line crimes… Continue

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The disease of human violence

Insidious diseases of the mind overlay a pall on this nation turning many among us into fervent supporters of the most brutal, violent and psychopathic human beings on the earth:police/fbi/cia. Such Americans often believe that, as they are on the side of the fbi & police, they are imbued with police powers and may therefore engage in calumny or assault on others in the community (Viz: the Trayvon Martin murder where the so-called neighborhood watch vigilante got clean away with stalking… Continue

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The World Does Not Forgive fbi/cia Atrocities

As the world's population discovers  macabre efforts by USA's  fbi/cia to torture & kill Targets, expect repulsion and never ending condemnation from friend and foe alike. Also expect a few jokes on the country(the USA) that pretends to be a nation of law, order, and  justice for all.   Here are four  items, on point, beginning with the now infamous kidney stone which the fbi orchestrated in me via chemical combination in concert with a fraudulently issued civil court order issued by a true… Continue

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fbi's felonious political persecution of our own people


Here is my article that is read by informed academics and others globally who find as extremely compelling evidence of the complete and murderous nature of most  fbi operations:…


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Fbi seeks to create mass murderers

Fbi operative 'paint me doubtful' discloses the ultimate agenda of the fbi as he impliedly admits to his efforts to create a mass murderer from the victim of fbi's torture program:


Fbi crime spree:…


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fbi turns world into a *psychological war zone for many Targets

As the fbi hijacked my life and tortured me for the past twenty five years they also mounted a program that prevents me from renting any apartment or other place to live. Everywhere I traveled in efforts to escape the criminal assaults on me by fbi operatives, police and others, the managers, owners and realtors of apartments and houses immediately refused to rent to me; on some occasions insults were thrown at me, but no explanation for refusal was ever…

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Enough Is Enough of Police, fbi Crimes

Our cops,fbi,judges, jailers, probation, etc have become not the public servants as required by law and public mandate, but they are instead master oppressors who torture, imprison and murder our people at will and with wild abandon. They are modern day terrorists posing as respectable citizens…


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Intelligence Report on A Wave of Crimes By Police, fbi/cia

This report is prompted by messages delivered to me from the United States intelligence community including fbi, cia, military and congressional chiefs. For additional background data see my articles and posts online, especially as set forth at sosbeevfbi.com, ttu.academia.edu/geralsosbee, Parts 19, a, b, c, of “My Story In Detail”, my…


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police/fbi sponsor violence & chaos

Remember this lads & ladies, that all the offenses alleged (or proven) against all jailed and otherwise tormented Targets and inmates are by far unequal in total social damage to those crimes committed against them by government thugs worldwide.1 Menninger.

Though my * reports (on the unnecessary suffering and deaths of our people at the hands of psychopathic cops and fbi assassins) may challenge the minds of persons lacking imagination, the subject demands infinitely more attention… Continue

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I am A L I V E.

Now the bad news:

Evil for the sake of evil is the United States of America:

The USA as led by fbi,cia,police,dod is a failed & overthrown nation. Only *psychopathic assassins and fools defend this murderous and dirty regime. Most others are in denial of the societal corruption that now spreads (from government agents and operatives)

as a disease into the hearts of our countrymen. We who see the USA for its true despicable colors are, to our eternal… Continue

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Story Of Our Century Hidden By Popular Media: Secret Extermination

Under the guise of the *global disease surveillance system, the fbi et al.target for often slow extermination hundreds of thousands of innocent people (political & ideological adversaries) world wide

by using **corrupt civil process which in effect treats unfortunate victims of the program as though their very existence is illegal. ***Congress & the ****courts contribute to the expansion of the torture, forced suicide and murder of Targets by acquiescence in & subservience to… Continue

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USA & Its Evil Arch Ally "?Isreal"

The USA and its evil arch ally "?Isreal" are on a global killing spree to consolidate power and to remove all threats to their global design to subjugate mankind. Indeed, the *Mossad group and other militant Jews often send hate mail to me when I expose crimes committed by doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc., in their ranks. In one instance a militant Jewish dentist threatened me with legal action after I reported his torture of my person.

Such is the mentality of all USA/Mossad… Continue

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Viet Nam & All Other Wars, For What!


As one goes off to war for the United States of America and returns with the discovery that this nation is a fiendish fraud on the global landscape and a cancer on the fabric of mankind, then in good conscience he must present evidence of such macabre corruption in order that others may learn from his experiences. The Viet Nam war, like all other wars, was mainly… Continue

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USA, The Enemy of Mankind

The United States of America Is neither worthy to serve, nor to defend because the government is manifestly evil and is the enemy of mankind.

I weep for all who suffer and die as Targets in this wicked world and I anguish for those who are incapable of shedding a tear for their fellow man.



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World Shock At USA's Atrocities

                    Geral Sosbee

The fbi is desperate to silence this voice and their thugs and assassins engage in widespread…


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To all who suffer, languish & die at the hands of USA's monstrous cops, fbi, jailers, prosecutors, judges, etc.: you are exonerated from any allegations ( and any missteps) as you are being tortured, imprisoned, murdered and in all cases intentionally thrown out of balance in your lives by those who target you for their egregious agenda:…


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