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Domestic Drones and Directed Energy Weapons?

After stories came out from the Pentagon suggesting that "Drones are being deployed" to aid civilian law enforcement........I realized.....that's how the surveillance (Homeland Security?, CIA?,NSA?) is performing TORTURE.


I always get fried and awakened....every time I would drift off into the dream state (Deep REM, "Rapid Eye Movement") no matter where I was sleeping whether in a hotel room, my truck, or my father's home.  To the unitiated, this seems like nothing....but, it is very invasive.  Tampering with the dream state using microwave radiation...totally screws that person up.  It reduces cognitive functioning, much like a computer that needs the hard disc defragmented.


There is a noticeable lack of of energy, short term memory, and little or no long term memory.  And it also creates DREAD, of the next assault....if you go to sleep?  That kind of stalking is very likely to result in "the target going postal" when the moron punks working NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUP STALKING CAMPAIGNS....park next to my car to follow me into a grocery store, library, McDonalds.


I've seen these bozos......follow me around to defame and slander.....no matter where you go....and....these clowns think "this is entertainment" and have some type of legitimate law enforcement prerogative to maximize the intrusion.  INTRUSiON is maximized with a never ending, unfocused stalking campaign with absolutely no focus on any specific avenue of investigation.  CLEVER HOW FBI hides MUELLER'S PUNK ASS, behind jerkoff civilians, playing cop and believing they have access to The Patriot Act, which has never been exposed in regards to "how it's being abused".


  Imagine the health hazard over time to the organs (eyes, heart, brain) when these secret "less than lethal" weapons are used on the target....and bolstered with stalking assaults?


ODDLY ENOUGH, FBI KNOWS, I'VE THREATENED THE CIVILIANS, AND SAID IN MY CAR WHICH IS BUGGED........"If you follow me today, I'm gonna blow your head off".  They Neighborhood Watch Groups know they have been warned by me.  MUELLER'S FBI will drop surveillance for a day...back to a lower level.....but.....days later after MUELLER WAS WARNED, he continues the stalking over and over.  SO..........WE ALL KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING.   Best thing to do, is SHOOT THE LEAD FBI OFFICIAL AND GET IT IN THE PAPERS.  IT'S ALL ON BOB MUELLER'S DESK AND IT'S IS STALKIGN CAMPAIGN.  IT GOES TO HIS ORDERS...AND HOLDER'S INDIFFERENCE.


THEY WERE  WARNED BY ME OVER AND OVER................THIS STALKING CAMPAIGN IS OVER OR YOU WILL BE SHOT IN THE STREETS.  This only....brought more vigilantes into the fray...thinking this was gonna be a form of entertainment?  What can you do with dumbfucks who want to die....and cannot be reasoned with?  My only goal........is to get MUELLER IN JAIL, OR SHOT, OR BLOWN UP...OR ANYTHING I CAN DO TO BRING THIS KARMA TO HIS FAT FUCKING FACE.  If his daughter (FBI agent in Steen Mountains, Oregon) happens to  "take 24 bullets in her head" some day while shopping......Big, Bad Bob knows who made that happen.  It doesn't matter to me....if Mueller goes to his daugher's funeral........KARMA SWINGS AROUND FOR BOB.


So....this happened to me....when I was far enough off the grid (vast expanses of fed land) so remove any doubt that the DEW (Pychotronics spun as a CIA Enhanced Interrogation Technique) could have only come from the sky out of eyesight.

The contract criminal stalkers....have access to so called military grade weaponry and have portable scanners or DEW.  They always use this portable DEW, when your drifting into Deep REM Sleep.  And, there is no interrogation, and of course....there is no legitimate Terroristic Threat that is authentic and not created from prior bad acts, assaults, and intrusions known as stalking.

They did this to me in Boulder City, Nevada, when I fell asleep in my RV in a grocery store parking lot.   This assault with microwave radiation to look through walls....is no doubt spun as a security check.  Of course......it's nothing more than a warrantless search and assault that no Judge understands, because they have not been tortured.


The ACLU in Los Angeles actually litigated the use of DEW on prisoners........but not citizen targets?


Since this invasive TORTURE was legalized by Congress using The War Commissions Act....when Congress had no idea what torture techniques were used......it is psuedo legal until exposed in court.  HOLDER performed his function as an obstructor and enemy of the Constitution long ago...when he used a punk jackass stooge named DURHAM, to look at torture.  The HOLDER PUNK CIRCUS narrowly defined the parameters, focusing only on overseas detainees to avoid the following issues that were undefensible:



b)--Attempted murder of Rich's brother, an FBI target named DR MARK GORDON, who also got tortured in his home...while he was cooperating with MINNEAPOLIS FBI coming after me in Sioux Falls, SD..:


c)--Hospitalization of a law professor I called named Jon Van Patten;

d)--Brain stroking of Omaha attorney LEROY ROGERS who was reduced to invalid status;

e) Torture of Thomas S. Bean, and mind control chipping in my home....after....I sent the US DOJ OIG complaint to Glen Fine, who did not respond....turns out the complaint went to Mueller's FBI OPR, and they did the usual coverup ("take a polygraph or resign from The FBI").  FBI OPR did not put a criminal referral on The SD US ATTY's desk.


Looks like unofficial secret policy at FBI AND DOJ IS, "......no Fed Criminal Code section applies to any pig, unless we say so...and if the complaint comes from a citizen, it's time to circle the wagons, and cover it up to maintain the underserved reputation that THE FBI DEPENDS UPON...'.


Courtrooms are pretty much impossible to reach for the targets.  The stalking by The FBI (who secretly monitors illegal stalking campaigns by INFRAGUARD CIVILIANS?) ALSO focuses on "cutting off access to lawyers" when FBI AGENTS COME INTO THE INVESTIGATION whenever they want to neutralize the possible exposure from a civil suit filing.


Mueller had the FBI MAKE NUMEROUS CRYPTIC STATEMENTS AND POLICY DECISIONS along the lines of, "....we can open and and enter any investigation without due regard to any legally obtained suspicion that a crime has been committed...".   This was a statement made, to rationalize "defaming the target whenever the target tries to lawyer up to sue Mueller personally".


In 2008, Mueller and Mukasy announced a revised version of The DOJ Investigative guidelines....that removed MINIMIZATION to uphold SECTIONS 241, 242, prohibiting deprivation of civil liberties.


Mueller and Holder both joined a policy statement suggesting that MIRANDA RIGHTS can be abused and revoked by FBI, just as long as "notice occurs sometime in the future on a undisclosed date"???    MIRANDA RIGHTS don't exist....if you don't have a right to remain silent? And, NOTICE before illegally seizing incriminating statements.....is necessary to uphold the right?

So.......secretly......FBI-DOJ admitted "they have the ability to force targets to give them info, without the target knowing SUBLIMINAL DEBRIEFING WAS USED".  The FBI CALLS IT A SUBLIMINAL DEBRIEFING METHODOLOGY....which begs the question, "...If you can subliminally program as part of a debriefing, then you could have also programmed to entrap and discredit the target before the debriefing?..."


So look at the artful limited hangouts when FBI makes policy without explicitly admitting, they violate rights using SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING to subvert Miranda.....and this all corroborates Julianne McKinney's whistleblowing in.re. OPERATION SLAMMER, the stalking campaign that THE FBI USES TO HARASS PEOPLE INTO GOING POSTAL.   This is a program that serves as the only possible explanation for all the people going postal......yet.....there is.....nothing but total silence and apathy from the joker punks at DOJ?


The surveillance....goes far beyond any legitimate law enforcement prerogative: suing the cops?


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Is the US liquidating Dissidents?


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Comment by geral sosbee on July 16, 2012 at 1:54pm




Thanks for the *report, Thomas; we have reached the point of no return which means that the homicidal psychopaths control all the people all the time; either through direct police attacks or through the threat of torture/imprisonment issuing from dangerous cops/fbi and their enabling courts & judges. I see no  way to restore our country to its constitutional base. Worse yet is my realization that the fbi/cia/police/congress/courts, etc., actually feed off violence; so that the more the people resist oppressive police state tactics, the greater they use deadly force and intentionally provoke the Targets. All is a form of torture, either physical or psychologixcal, or both.


* I understand that some of your ideas are rhetorical and are based upon hypothetical circumstances that move you to make the case today for a measured response within the law. All intelligent readers know that the fbi/police/operatives who are torturing us ( and in some instances, trying to kill us) are criminals even though they may operate from time to time with court orders; they and the judges who arm them indeed belong in prison.

Comment by Gil McDonald, Sr. on July 16, 2012 at 10:15pm

Excellent information, Thomas.  Thank you for digging deep and putting it on paper for the rest of us to study and determine our plans for tomorrow.  I have shared your feelings on many occasions as have many others who are so far unknown to this particular group.  Perhaps I can make it through one more day. 

Comment by Thomas S. Bean on August 10, 2012 at 4:01am
In my case ...it was obvious that OPERATION SLAMMER was running...and that target selection often times comes from SIGINT in which there were no warrants.

I think Veteran's Today is a good place to run with the stories at this site. They are well connected. They have a huge following.

The Lingis article is perfect...yet...no judge will ever understand DEW and surveillance until they get targeted. PROSECUTERS don't seem to understand....what is going on...and how following the target using a lockstep surveillance is gonna blow up eventually after 24 years.

I wondered after reading Lingis...just how far have I regressed? Bad language that makes me sound like a redneck racist jerk...might be causative or even programmed after being fueled by incidents? I was not parented to become this regressive.

EVER notice how it's the good solid citizens who are happily intoxicated with their police state powers...that they so happily abuse?

I cannot imagine the slander used to target people like Geral and Gil...when the dipshits stalkers must know "these guys are not guilty of anything".
Comment by Thomas S. Bean on August 21, 2012 at 8:42am

I got dewed again this morning.  8/21 Tuesday.

The goofy thing is figuring out...."just what is triggering the torture attacks"?

How do you figure the arbitrary and capricious assaults known as torture...when..."there is not clue given to the tortured target" about "just what behavior or thoughts" are being punished?

If you want to train a dog....you have to have rewards tied to good behavior, and punishment tied to bad behavior.  As a targeted, tortured TI, ...for the life of me...I cannot figure out any sort of rationale, or logical thread to this assaultive nightmare?

I don't think the torturers.......know how to torture correctly?


This was done to prevent DEEP REM SLEEP.

It could have only come from a drone using a DEW or Less Than Lethal Weapons.

So...what weapons are being used in Sioux Falls, by the FBI, to prevent mere civil suit litigation by Thomas Bean?  What weapons are attached to drones in Sioux Falls, SD?...and who gave the order?

Do we have any knowledge of Obama-Brennan's ASSASINATION LIST?


As far as I know, only the President can order TORTURE OF US CITIZENS, under The WCA.....or is TORTURE DONE OUTSIDE THE KNOWLEDGE OF OBAMA?  How would that idiot know anything, when there is no oversight of any kind from either HOLDER OR MUELLER?


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