fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Signed and sent 47 page US DOJ OIG complaint tripping open NSA TSP scandal

My blog is at "Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision: Diamond Sutras for the Doomed"@blogspot.com.

This is not a politically correct blog, and you have to realize that after being obstructed by DOJ HQ, FBI HQ, US DOJ OIG, US SEN JUD COMM, US HOUSE JUD COMM, and ACLU HQ...I had little or nothing good to say about government officials tasked with oversight of my allegations (a program of political stalking and harassment targeting whistleblowers, complainants, lawyers, dissentors).

The language contained at this blog....is usually quite offensive to anybody who remains civilized. I was not treated with any due respect, and unfortunately, I have descended into the desperate world of inflammatory hostility towards those who have dropped the ball to my detriment. Prior to being targeted, I was a normal law school educated progressive with no beef towards anyone.

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NSA Mind Control by Will Filer

don't know if this has been discussed yet....but this article explains quite a bit.

All protected by FBI-DOJ while relying upon the bogus legal fiction (National Security).


...."1. Various posthypnotic suggestions are implanted in the subject after a week or so long period of REM deprivation. The content of the posthypnotic scripts is… Continue

Posted on July 1, 2015 at 3:30pm

FBI admits they use drones?

I think these drones are used to torture.  They have see through wall technology that they likely claim is used to locate and identify targets inside buildings.  I think it's just a way to torture.  Yesterday FBI admitted they use drones and don't need warrants unless their is a reasonable expectation in privacy.  Any tech that sees through walls is invasive and violates privacy.  I've been fried and harassed inside homes, cars, hotel rooms.  Let's see a warrant from the contractors?

Posted on July 31, 2013 at 5:05am — 2 Comments

More vicious DEW TORTURE yesterday

Intense DEW torture assault in my downstairs bedroom, at my father's home.  This was more intense then past assaults...and I woke up very stiff with all muscles aching.

This was done to make it impossible to sleep....and they woke me up several times.  The most severe assault yet, in this home.  Where is the torture device...on a drone, or mounted on the roof of the house?  There is no place you can sleep safely in a house...this microwave radiation goes right through building…


Posted on September 27, 2012 at 5:09am

DOJ undr Holder announced the closing of their investigation in.re. DETAINEE DEATHS

Recent news story today.

Holder announced there will be no civil rights charges filed regarding two deaths of detainees.

Of course this ignores other murders and attempted murders of my known associates.

Both FBI and DOJ HQ knows about these facts (murders occurred during an FBI MONITORED investigation of me).

Again ,I've had no success opening a dialogue with any prosecutor or Mueller's pussified FBI Clown act?

I tried humiliating them… Continue

Posted on August 31, 2012 at 5:10pm

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At 8:01am on November 26, 2010, geral sosbee said…
Thomas- thanks for your paticipation here and for your ongoing great work on behalf of liberty, especially against the punks, thugs, torturers & assassins of the fbi/cia.
At 4:08pm on August 13, 2012, geral sosbee said…
At 10:17pm on August 13, 2012, Thomas S. Bean said…

Thanks Geral.  I wonder what the police state in Hungary is like?  Could not be worse then Amerika....could it?  No...nothing is as intrusive and well funded as AMERIKA: a new world disorder.  Funny, how I met a survivor of Cuba's Castro Police State when I got a document in Yuma, Arizona.  That Cuban lady, was quite helpful and understanding having lived through tyranny before.

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