fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Intense DEW torture assault in my downstairs bedroom, at my father's home.  This was more intense then past assaults...and I woke up very stiff with all muscles aching.

This was done to make it impossible to sleep....and they woke me up several times.  The most severe assault yet, in this home.  Where is the torture device...on a drone, or mounted on the roof of the house?  There is no place you can sleep safely in a house...this microwave radiation goes right through building materials?  And the range, if it is from a drone or satelite, is impressive.

Of course, there was no interrogation.  This  appears to be legal under The War Commissions Act and, no media report or Congressional comment ever considered microwave radiation as a torture technique to use "tempreture" (heating up the body) as an interrogation technique.  So...where do you hide from this weaponry sold to the public as a "less than lethal" crowd control device?

My bedroom is in a basement with earth protecting all sides of the bedroom...so...the ray gun could only come from above.

What is HOLDER-MUELLER'S RESPONSE TO THIS ASSAULT?  What is the legal foundation for this assault when there is no interrogation?

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