fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The fbi/cia/police and their operatives have a simple message for the Target:
             We Intend to....




Joanna Iatridou said...
The FBI-ID photo is dated 2000 and the photo in dark suit is 2005. Look at the face: DEWs and electronic assaults with microchip transmitters secretly planted, aged the face at least 30 years in 5 years space only. TIs are not ugly and should not feel shame. DEWs are used to damage and disfigure, as Police refrained from stopping psychos to inflict pain, injury and aging,decay of health, Police thinks its fun, when the fact is, it reduces society's respect when Police Officers deny DEWs assaults and don't touch the psychos or seize their weapons. The shame and loss of prestige and honour is with the Police Officers, not the TIs.








Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we're being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That's what's insane about it.
John Lennon

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"None are more hopelessly enslaved than
those who falsely believe they are free."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




I do believe...that "satanists" actually worshipping the devil...have infiltrated all power centers (Law Enforcement, Churches with no taxeable income, US Intel Comm, Judiciary, Politics)....so....uh....well.....I think it is a "war between good and evil" not terrorism.


I cannot prove Satanism has infiltrated church and state.............but.................every now and then, you find "truely dark evil scum" hiding behind social masks.


Most cops.......do not support "harassment of whistleblowers".


Most cops...are GROUP THINK COWARDS who do not want to get piss pounded like us.


They live in denial about what they silently sanction.


HOLDER AND MUELLER are two lowlifes destined for a future hell.....and....either lack the character and fitness to act, or.....live in fear of being destroyed with the control files.


One way or another......it's a big sh-t sandwich for us.

MUELLER'S FBI made it impossible for me to "lawyer up" without THE FBI COUNTER INTEL AGENT STEVEN PLUTA and/or others sabotaging my association rights.  PLUTA and MUELLER JOINED A CONSPIRACY DURING THEIR BOGUS HARASSMENT OF ME...to not only steal my x rays, but also acted to tamper with a course of medical care (a due process liberty interest)...and....SIOUX FALLS, SD, JFLTTF used civilians to do "foot, vehicle, and some of the electronic surveillance" so they could take advantage of the citizen rule exception to The Exclusionary Rule, THAT SUPPRESSES ILLEGALLY OBTAINED INFO.


THE FBI JFLTTF IN SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA...also somehow...managed to OBSTRUCT SIX SD STATE BAR ETHICS COMPLAINTS?  THE DISCIPLINARY BOARD, never got the complaints, and did not make a ruling or decision?


The NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS AND OR INFRAGUARD CONTRACTORS....will follow you into law firms...to facilitate and "Join The Conspiracy to MURDER, OR MAIM, OR TORTURE" YOUR ATTORNEYS....or....they will "open the investigation at the law firm" for only one purpose....TO CREATE A BOGUS PRETEXT TO BE AT THE LAW FIRM TO DEFAME YOU USING THE CREDIBILITY HANDED OVER TO THE FBI BADGE.  No lawyer, including THE ACLU, ever once wondered ".....if something was funny about FBI HARASSMENT TO PREVENT LITIGATION"?



The unstated goal reached feloniously by BOB MUELLER WAS:  prevent litigation of a Motion Hearing, subpoenas, and the filing of a SECTION 1983 LAWSUIT FOCUSING ON THE FBI'S COMPLICITY WITH THE NSA-CIA-CIVILIAN CONTRACTORS.  I set up a sting operation on the NSA-FBI-AUSTIN TEXAS PD, SIOUX FALLS PD.  That sting operation resulted in FBI PUNK BOB MUELLER ORDERING THE COINTELPRO NEUTRALIZATION OF CIRCUIT COURT JUDGE PETER GREGORY (who refused to join the conspiracy to obstruct justice when he refused to turn over his judicial copy of the bogus ex parte warrant application that DR MARK GORDON testified in). 


To this day.........long after THE FBI TIRED OF HARASSING DR GORDON........they still contacted him and coerced him......again......when this guy was already harassed, stalked, maliciously prosecuted with BRADY VIOLATIONS that ERIC HOLDER AND HIS STAFF REFUSE TO INVESTIGATE.


I'm telling anybody who wants to BOUNCE BOB MUELLER OUT OF POSITION BEFORE THE CORRUPT CONGRESS CHANGES THE LAW TO ALLOW MUELLER 2 MORE YEARS AS FBI DIRECTOR:   all you have to do, is let me testify against Mueller in THE SEN JUD COMM, OR IN A FED GRAND JURY.  And, as an added bonus to "fuck bob"....I'll take a polygraph before and after testifying.  THAT IS AN OFFER THAT BIG, BAD, BOB JACKASS MUELLER, does not have the guts to offer up.....right?


MUELLER ALSO STOLE MY 150, 000, 000$.....and literally made it impossible to submit a "demand letter on top of the civil suit" to cover his fat worthless neo con ass.  You really cannot possible deal with the FBI BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS TAKE, AND NEVER GIVE ANYTHING.


I'VE PUT THIS IN MY SECOND US DOJ OIG complaint...........but................HOLDERNIGGER (no offense to any black americans) has not fired GLEN FINE, for failing to interview me, or "give me findings and conclusions" from the FIRST COMPLAINT COVERING ALL FELONIES COMMITTED BY THE FBI ABUSING THE PATRIOT ACT.....SO...."who wants the second complaint"?


  That first obstructed complaint covered FBI-CIA-CONTRACTORS harassing me since 1986--november 2004.  So....there is 7 more years of FBI HARASSMENT using civilians....as a front for MUELLER'S FBI, ....mentioned in the second complaint....yet....nobody wants to take down Bob Mueller (who is also implicated in The BATF "fast and furious" gun smuggling scandal?


HOLDER HAS NO INTEREST IN CIVIL LIBERTIES....AND NOR DID ACLU NAT SEC DIVISION show any interest in "at least interviewing me for 15 fucking minutes"???????


TAMPERING WITH SIXTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS is a common occurrence with MUELLER'S FBI, and Bob's favorite dirty group, "The Special Service" (The Patriot Act created 100 FBI badges handed over to....The Executive Branch?  So...these FBI badges were given to whom?  All military trash running COINTELPRO under the name of THE DOD CIFA UNIT, with NSA 902ND COUNTER INTEL GROUP doing all the SIGINT).


Stunning to me is the fact that "these SS FBI BOYS" are not in law enforcement...nor are they working legal, legitimate, professional cases with prosecutors"?  These are not paper investigations?




AGAIN, a major problem is a weak, sniveling, worthless, little punk EICHMAN FAG named Eric Holder....who...by the way....gave SECRET IMMUNITY FOR THE 3,000 TAX SCOFFLAWS caught up in THE SWISS UBS IRS SCANDAL........and....all that money was recoverable under something Eric knows about called CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE.


HOW many congressman and congressional workers...........did not pay taxes on the kickbacks?  The cooperating witness........got SIX YEARS IN THE FED PEN FROM ERIC HOLDER, but the tax scofflaws (congress) never even got charged???????


We will never know the names of the tax scofflaws....with HOLDER PUNK.


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