fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Report On Need To Prosecute fbi/cia For Clandestine Murders (by Hartwell & Sosbee)

Barbara Hartwell Curriculum Vitae Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations.)…

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The fbi/cia/police and their operatives have a simple message for the Target:              We Intend to....   http://uktarget…

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CIA CORRUPTION Prostitution, Blackmail, and Political Corruption By CIA Agents of the United States (CIA Kyle Foggo, DC Madam Palfrey, etc…

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Fbi & main street media mislead & lie to public

Aotearoa Independent Media Centre Publish Hi, gsosbee | Logout What is Indymedia? Your article was sucessfully updated. Evidence that…

Started by geral sosbee

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Senator John Cornyn, the fraud

Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA: Big Bad John: Criminal Conspirator, Traitor, FBI Quisling Senator John Cornyn http://barbarahartwellvscia.blo

Started by geral sosbee

0 Jun 14

From RAMOLA D on our podcasts after fbi hacked & caused UTUBE to ban her

"I also have some of our podcasts on Bitchute and will post at Brighteon and other sites as well. These are the Odysee Links--so maybe you…

Started by geral sosbee

0 Jun 2

A Synthesis of Half Century of My Resistance Against fbi assassins

by gsosbee Monday, 31st May 2021 Education geral sosbee vs fbi assassins & federal magistrate judges This report represents a s…

Started by geral sosbee

0 May 30

Fbi fails

Fbi macabre human experiment to prove high tech control over human mind remotely by torture is successful. Ironically fbi also proves that…

Started by geral sosbee

0 May 29

Geral Sosbee vs fbi assassins

From GOOGLE SEARCH affidavit fbi agent sosbee fbi texas Show all images

Started by geral sosbee

0 May 19

About GERAL SOSBEE , Academia.edu

Geral Sosbee https://geralsosbee.academia.edu Tech University, School of Law, Post-Doc   |   http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part4-worldina

Started by geral sosbee

0 May 15

Fbi Fusion Centers

Fbi FUSION CENTER CALAMITY Fusion Center The key to fbi control of all levels of government : Fusion Center DownloadEdit 757 Views 757 View…

Started by geral sosbee

0 May 15

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From  https://urlscan.io/result/2e698e42-2e36-4876-ba2b-af702709e92e/

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