fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

World Dominated by the criminally insane

A World Dominated & Governed By The Criminally Insane

History records that fbi, cops, prosecutors, federal magistrate judges, their operatives (& media figures) and members of the community at large are criminally insane,
fbi regularly engage against Targets in:

-Fraudulent stings, civil & criminal

-Stalking and provocative assaults

-Destruction of Targets' cars & personal property

-Human experimentation

-Incapacitating assaults on body organs including the synthetic production of kidney stones by chemical combination en vivo

-Sterilization & castration

-Relentless assaults by DEW & ELF, causing extreme, life long sleep deprivation, serious bodily injuries (deafness and blindness) and life threatening infirmities such as cerebral vascular disease, dementia, coronary artery disease, stroke,

-Assaults with bacterial infections causing deadly brain tumors

-Aggressive delivery of communicable diseases such as AIDS,HIV, HPV, etc. to some Targets

-Character assassination, often as though for sport

-Physical & psychological attacks by fbi thugs in efforts to provoke a violent response in order to incarcerate the Target in prison or mental hospital

-Elaborate & sometimes choreographed psychological operations to cause a nervous breakdown

- Total electronic & physical surveillance and harassment in order to isolate, marginalize, and demoralize the Target

-Theft identity, robbery and attempted murder

- Forced suicide of Target while monitoring & torturing the Target in real time

-Gasing and poisoning Targets in their homes and elsewhere (such as restaurants like Starbucks

-Crimes committed against Targets by police

See also:

https://www.academia.edu/37628116/POLICE_STATE_USA_fbi.docxgainst innocent Targets

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