fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Journalists are willing victims of the darkness

Americans are misled by journalists who can't see the light because they dwell in and are willing victims of the darkness.


See evidence of darkness below:

A Journalist describes my efforts to expose fbi atrocities as shadowy & dark. As for her use of the word incoherent, I must allow intelligent truth seekers to determine the effectiveness of my journals and battles to survive fbi torture & attempts on my life.

The references below are misleading and reflect the shallow mentality of many people who do not take time to study my work.

Those who try to discredit my websites serve the dark, murderous elements of fbi/cia deep state government. My websites are opposite to the lies and cover-up by fbi and controlled media. My truthful documentaries are fully enlightening to serious readers.

* So, popular media feeds fbi thugs by falsely labeling as shadowy & dark the few websites that are transparent, fully supported and clear.

Kate Pringel writes,
"McLean’s name is featured on some shadowy websites run by a man named Geral Sosbee.
... his sites also make dark and incoherent references to “death squads”.

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