fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Here are the letters that I send this date to government and private officials who are aware of many crimes ongoing against me by the assassins of the fbi:

                                                          April 10, 2015                                             


 The Honorable Ted Cruz

United States Senator                                  

185 Dirksen
Washington, DC 20510


Patrick E. McFarland, Inspector General

U.S. Office of Personnel Management
1900 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20415-1000


Katherine Archuleta

Director OPM

1900 E  STREET   NW

WASHINGTON  D.C.  20415-3532


Darlene Campbell

Manager - Group Plans

SAMBA Federal Employee Benefit Association

11301 Old Georgetown Rd.

Rockville, MD 20852




RE: GERAL  SOSBEE,  SSAN xxxx;  DOB: 8-30-45

My letter to OPM and my email to SAMBA on April 9, 2015

SAMBA’s email  response to me dated April 9, 2015


One copy each of the following items: envelope from OPM; OPM Notice of Health Benefits Cancellation (two sided); OPM form (enclosed with the other form) entitled “IMPORTANT’’ indicating that my health insurance coverage cancellation request could be delayed.

[Note that one item sent to me  from OPM that is not enclosed is an official blue OPM self -addressed envelope with the OPM address for my use.]


Dear Recipients:

I am a former fbi agent who is the object of an extreme and potentially deadly  fbi vendetta for my releasing evidence of fbi secret crimes against me and against the American people. A summary of the fbi’s  ungodly  campaign against me is found at


This letter is sent to multiple recipients with enclosures, and I ask each recipient to respond.

Recently, the fbi also began a campaign to cancel my insurance at SAMBA and at OPM (FEHBP).

I provided evidence  to OPM and SAMBA  of the crimes of FAG, tampering with accounts, interference with wire transfers, etc. SAMBA pretended that a clerical error caused the notice of cancellation, but I showed SAMBA the evidence of intentional tamperings. I requested that SAMBA determine the identity of the person who tampered with my account and cancelled my coverage.

OPM suggested that they sent no cancellation notice and that  I did not receive any type of notice from OPM  regarding the cancellation of my health insurance under the FEHBP. In fact OPM advised me to send this letter to OPM and to show that I did in fact receive the fraudulent notice.

I request that the US Senator Ted Cruz, the OPM IG, Mr. Patrick McFarland,  and the SAMBA Director, or Darlene Campbell, investigate this matter in order to prevent a repeat of false cancellations and notices thereof.

Please note that the more serious criminal offenses against me (as referenced in the link above) by the fbi are not only not being addressed by Congress, but are in fact ignored by Congress  as though to approve of the hideous and unconscionable nature of the offenses ongoing (including attacks by DEW weaponry, assault and battery by fbi thugs, surveillance 24/7 ) unending for twenty five years with home invasions, destruction of my property, poisonings, etc.) by the fbi.


Specifically, I request a congressional inquiry into the many crimes against me and including the tampering with my accounts at OPM and SAMBA.

I request that OPM acknowledge the receipt of the enclosed material which OPM denies sending; I request that OPM or the OPM IG kindly send me a copy of the document or communication that precipitated the false notice to me that “I cancelled my health insurance coverage.”

I request that the IG of OPM also investigate these matters because OPM refuses to cooperate with me.

I request that SAMBA stop pretending that no such intentional tampering occur and that SAMBA properly investigate the matter and advise me of the name of the SAMBA employee who altered my accounts and cancelled my dental and vision coverage.

 I have never cancelled any insurance with OPM or SAMBA and I hope that all such insurance (health, dental, vision) will remain in effect. Presently all of my insurance is apparently in full effect.

Many of the recipients of this letter already understand the nature of the fbi vendetta against me and such persons are therefore charged with the responsibility (consistent with their authority) to thoroughly inquire and make the matter public. This is the very least that each recipient may do in order to discourage future similar offenses by the fbi against me, whistleblowers or others.

This letter and enclosures are submitted in good faith with no intention to cause an unnecessary inconvenience to any person. I appreciate any legitimate effort that recipients of this letter may make on my behalf and on behalf of the nation.



P.O. BOX 1548



Enc: 3



                                                                           April 13, 2015


The Honorable Ted Cruz

United States Senator

185 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

Re: Geral W. Sosbee’s complaint against the US Postal Inspector (PI) and fbi : Violation of FOIA, case # 2015-FPIS-00106. US Postal Inspector unlawful crimes against me by PI Knipfing and others.

Enc: Five letters from  the USPI to me, two letters from me to  PI; my five page request for records under FOIA, dated April 30, 2013, delivered to PI and Postal FOIA office.

Dear Senator Cruz,

I am a former fbi agent who is the object of an extreme and potentially deadly fbi vendetta for my releasing evidence of fbi secret crimes against me and against the American people. A summary of the fbi’s  ungodly  campaign against me is found at


During the first decade of the fbi covert intelligence assaults on me, beginning around 1990, the fbi stole most of my incoming and outgoing mail by rifling and by physically seizing the mail from mail boxes. Please see my documentations of these and related events on line at the following links:






Also, please see my letter to the Postal Chairman Dyhrkopp  dated August 30, 2002 which was also ignored as mail theft against me continued for about another decade.


Several US postal employees (such as Jerry Redd of Dallas, Texas and Richard LNU of Brownsville, Texas) confirm to me in private the tampering of my mail, but when I try to have the PI investigate, all authorities refuse my requests. In one such incident, Mr. Redd of the downtown USPO asked me rhetorically regarding his awareness of  the fbi’s seizure of my mail, “What did you do?”

After unlawfully refusing to investigate postal crimes against me, the PI on April 30, 2013, comes into my home, accompanied by a Texas DPS Agent  and stated that I am an apparent suspect or person of interest  in a postal crime in Dallas, Texas, wherein someone threatened a member of Congress and planted my name, “ g sosbee “, at the scene of the alleged crime. Please note that I have never been accused of any offense, civil or criminal in my life. I am sixty nine year of age and a member in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and the Bar of the SCOTUS.

Regarding the details of the PI investigation of me, I have repeatedly requested a copy of the report under FOIA which the PI refuses to release because the so-called investigation is ongoing today, a full two years after the absurd interview by PI in my home.

I maintain that I have never committed any crime, I have no knowledge of the alleged postal crime in Dallas which the PI is investigation and that in fact the fbi has had me under 24/7 surveillance for the past twenty five years in connection with the fbi’s psychological war against me. Indeed, when the PI and DPS came into my home the fbi witnessed the entire conversation and perhaps laughed at the interview. Furthermore, I believe that the fbi planted my name at the scene of the alleged postal crime mentioned above in order to cause the PI to launch an harassment campaign against me for the purpose of impliedly threatening to arrest me on any charge that the PI can dream up. In fact the PI asked me about my online reports and article and whether I was the author of same.

Yet, the PI and the DPS agent ignored my reports of terrorist retaliation by fbi against me including attempts on my life, torture, destruction of property, mail theft and tampering and sundry other crimes as I set forth in my affidavit of 2007. The DPS agent also revealed during the interview that his other unlawful agenda was to profile me adversely.

While I have no reasonable expectation that the fbi can be required to stop the terror campaign against me, I request at least that your office contact the PI and advise them to release the report on me and to stop the effort to intimidate me by continuing their unlawful investigation of me. Note that PI Knipfing also tried to bring my wife into his fraudulent inquiry. I asked him to stop that nonsense. If possible I would also appreciate any effort by your office to encourage the miscreants at fbi to at long last leave me alone.

Regarding the PI I am entitled by law to the report which is a fraudulent effort to cause me to stop my online reports on the fbi; in this respect the entire PI case against me (or in reference to me) is unlawful and should not be withheld any longer. I am aware that the PI once again advises me to wait six months to file another FOIA request.

Please note , Senator, that as long as I am able (and hopefully to my dying breath) I will continue to file reports and *articles on the topic of US government corruption at every level as orchestrated by the

assassins and torturers of the fbi/cia.

* https://www.academia.edu/9458784/Evidence_of_a_new_unheralded_illeg...

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