fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The evil often allowed by law

This post is submitted for educational purposes only .

"Anyone can suddenly find himself confined to a psychiatric ward. The person subjected to a mental illness inquiry has fewer rights than an accused felon." *

For more information on the gross abuse of corrupt law by judges see the case in the next link and note that I was acquainted with two of the principal figures in the law suit.


In year 2012 I wrote a report shown in the next link wherein I suggest that abuse of civil process in alleged mental illness and involuntary commitment cases is rampid.


Today our legal system is prohibitively expensive for most people. In hearings on mental incompetency, where judges hear initially only from government witnesses, or private parties with questionable motives.

The  accused may have no input because the hearing is ex parte. In such hearings most decisions are ruled in favor of civil commitment.

Further , fbi operatives and government functionaries have the overwhelming advantage and have no financial restraints.

So, as one read the case from D Magazine , understand that a Target of fbi unconstitutional & predatory agenda has a dual risk:
Lies and fabricated evidence are presented against him/her behind closed doors where the judge may be unfairly influenced,
especially where a fbi/cia controlled federal magistrate judge seeks to illegally silence a fbi/cia whistleblower .

In such cases the prosecutor makes no effort to stay even "one foot above the gutter ".

This report is not intended as legal advice .
I am not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Separately , See
1) suspicious activity by Dr
Holder at

2) Brownsville police case filed by me in the Porras matter where fbi choreographed a false reality to bolster fraudulent civil process

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