fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

‘‘The Medium Is the Message”


This study reflects my half century of study and experiences as a teacher, attorney, soldier, fbi special agent. and judge.The purpose herein is to educate the reader on the subject of the madness of government officials whom I have come to know too well.

This paper consists of two parts which are related primarily on the subjects of fbi atrocities and the medical conditions which the fbi impacts at will. The links herein are useful for understanding the horrible significance of fbi’s illegal and inhumane counterintelligence operations globally.

Part One

From Wikipedia:
“The phrase,‘‘The Medium Is the Message”, was introduced in Marshall McLuhan's book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964.

Continuing attacks by DEW/ELF cause extreme sleep deprivation and keep me awake all night nearly every night. Then, as I begin my new day at 2 or 3 PM the following day, the fbi sends me a message by seizing control of my car’s robotic system, or by sending whistling noises to me as I try to sleep.

The fbi thereby notifies that I must be more alert to their demands and that my recent reports are not acceptable. These attacks by extremely low frequency sound waves have caused near total hearing loss and, together with other terrorists assaults 24/7/365 for 35 years, have caused or aggravated my coronary artery disease for which I refuse treatment.

The medium which the fbi/cia use is the electromagnetic spectrum and the intent of the high tech assaults is to drive me to neurosis. For more on this topic see my report at Academia.edu here:


By resorting to the very dirty, low down torture methods that I chronicle, the fbi/cia delivers this message to the world’s population:

We intend to ruin your lives at will by remote control, anonymously, and without any recourse to you; we torture and kill you by the energy weapons that we now master; and the future of mankind is exactly as we want it to be, where everyone depends on our good graces to stay alive and happy; failure to obey us results in our use of a medium which tortures and kills people.

Thus, a form of psychological war is forced upon a Target by fbi/cia.

Fbi history book: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/historybook.html

Part Two

I have learned that hundreds of thousands of persons are under surveillance by fbi/cia et al., for illnesses which people have contracted in the course of their lives. With an aging population, many infirmities are in a sense *stealth in transmission and the individual may have no idea that he/she carries a communicable disease.

When such a person attracts the ire of the US intelligence community (intel), authorization for complete surveillance and involuntary medication (also delivered by secret means) is provided to the fbi by federal magistrate judges for the ostensible purpose of public health. The real reason which is known to the judge is to destroy the life of the carrier of the infirmity. See my report on the fbi’s criminal abuse of the global surveillance system:


*Note that the fbi and the cia deliver some such diseases when the intel community has no other bases for a court ordered, blanket surveillance. Sexually transmitted diseases are easily transmitted in our culture by intel operatives who seduce the Target ( i.e., a person whom intel seeks to destroy).

One example of such a communicable disease is the HPV virus. The fbi and the cia have infected operatives who are ready to achieve the dirty goal of turning innocent and unsuspecting citizens into dangerous threats to the community (80 percent of sexually active people may be infected at any given time with HPV and most people never know they carry the virus).

My medical clearances are available on line and in the following recent report by Dr. Walther, dated 6-13-18.



PHONE (956) 423-1121 FAX (956) 423-1202

DOB 08-30-1945


Mr. Sosbee was seen and thoroughly examined on June 13, 2018 and is clear of any evidence of communicable disease. He has no detectable skin disease, no history of sexually transmitted disease and he presents no public health issue.
Please feel free to contact my office in the event of any questions.

Jay R. Walther MD

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