fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

federal burro of investigation plants a virus

Recently one of the members of 'fbi/cia ARE TERRORISTS' posted a report on methods of harassment used by the perpetrators. I responded with a comment and a few links. When the member checked one of my links, his computer received a virus alert. Here is the link which the fbi used to implant a virus in the member's computer:


I often comment with links on the reports posted on this forum and now I encourage all members here to take precautions accordingly. I always check the links before and after I send them; however, if the thugs & criminals of the fbi want to harm anyone's computer, no restraints prevent them from doing so.

Finally, the fbi destroys any computer that I buy, so I use public libraries for all of my work. As many members know the fbi recently attempted to find a way to unlawfully prevent me from using the library computer here in Harlingen, Texas. Here are the links to the fraudulent criminal investigation started against me by the fbi in order to shut me down and/or to imprison me:




Thank you.


PS: It's not a bunch of girl scouts we are up against.

For more on fbi's use of bio/chem agents against targets see:

It's the federal burro of investigation.


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