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Fbi attempts murder plot


This report captures fbi's premeditated attempted murder of former fbi agent GERAL SOSBEE.

Here is a brief outline of methods, practices and parties who are, based on empirical evidence,  actually killing me day by day. 

See my podcasts and several papers at Academia.edu for additional information. 

Podcast #75

                                                                                MARCH 25, 2019


fbi Methods to Murder Targets Discretely, such as via Blood Pressure



Over the past several years, the fbi uses a variety of tactics to cause serious bodily injury to, or death of GERAL SOSBEE. These fbi tricks include assaults with bio-chem-viral agents, pumping toxic fumes into my residences everywhere I live, and assaults with high tech weaponry which have resulted in hospital treatments and medical doctors’ examinations.

This paper focuses on recent attacks via psychological operations in discrete efforts to cause a heart attack or stroke. In order to comprehend the true depth of criminality of the perpetrators of these crimes, one may see my previous reports on 20 years of assaults and destruction of my cars. See “My Story in Detail” in 20 parts at


Note that recent hacking of my car’s computer system is a reminder to me, as are incidents of vandalism of my vehicle, that my present car will be destroyed when the warranty ends. For information on the psychological operations see two links:





Additional stress is imposed on me in my home. In every neighborhood where I lived for 30 years the fbi seeks out neighbors to assist fbi in terrorizing Sosbee and his wife. Presently, the neighbor appears to be a psychopath who may enjoy her provocations, such as vandalism of home, theft and assaults with noises. I am certain that I know her identity and I have filed police reports on her.

During the past week the fbi also enlists the illegal services of the mechanic who changed the oil and other duties at the dealership where I bought the car. This mechanic, or another person working in the service area, intentionally hacked into the car’s computerized settings and changed them in order to grab my attention. I verified the offenses with another expert at the dealership and I reported the incident to the management and police. “See My Story in Detail” for a history of similar fbi crimes. These offenses are intended to instill concern or neurosis which are occasioned by repeated breakdown of the car on the highways.

After I made the report on the hacking of my car’s computer system, the settings in the car were corrected by another technician in conformity to standard settings. This crime of tampering with my car reminds me of the extensive destruction of my cars over the past 3 decades in Los Angeles, Dallas and in RGV Texas.

The fbi then, in further retaliation for my reports to the police and dealer management, has yet another, new terror method to ‘hit me with’: the neighbor referenced above begins activating her motion detection system every time we enter a room in our home. The alarms change from one room to another and are always troubling.

As the fbi follows my medical conditions which include coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and hypertension, I am certain under doctor’s advice that spikes in blood pressure are intended to cause a stroke or a heart attack. My recent blood pressure readings after the assaults in the service department and the neighbor’s antics read 164/104. Chest pain, left center, accompany the high blood pressure readings. The fbi also increases the incapacitating assaults with directed energy weaponry (DEW), pulse micro wave and extremely low sensitive sound waves (ELF), all causing severe sleep deprivation, loss of hearing, etc.

 Danger zones of blood pressure are generally described as follows:



140 or higher

or 90 or higher

stage 2 hypertension

higher than 180

higher than120

hypertensive crisis


I refuse treatment for heart disease because the attacks with DEW and ELF are causing some of the problems, are invisible and because doctors always label me with ‘paranoid delusional disorder’ when I try to explain the sleep deprivation and possible causes for the heart problems. Doctors are not allowed by law to enter findings contrary to fbi standards. I believe that DEW and ELF assaults might just kill me during or after heart surgery.

I conclude that the fbi may expand this type of attempted murder campaign against selected Targets globally with total anonymity and impunity. No evidence, no witnesses, no leads, and libelous medical reports negating statements by the Target all militate against the Target/victim of fbi death squads. I also charge that all who help the fbi in terrorizing me and my wife are guilty de facto as accessories to attempted murder.

This paper is submitted for the record because I believe that others are suffering or may suffer similar attacks by fbi high tech weaponry and low minded thugs whom the fbi seems to easily recruit in large numbers.

GERAL SOSBEE, EX FBI Special Agent, Attorney, Texas license 18855625 (not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization)


        See Podcasts by RAMOLA D, BARBARA HARTWELL & me.


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