fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi corrupts police & undermines law and order:

On 1-14-16 I met with Cameron County District Attorney (DA) Luis V. Saenz

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Address: 964 E Harrison St, Brownsville, TX 78520
I confirmed with him that his office is in receipt of my unanswered  requests for a *public integrity inquiry concerning the Brownsville, Texas Police Department (BPD) and Detective Adrian Posada.
DA Saenz advised that I am required to provide the details to his chief investigator and that I may not now discuss the matter with an attorney in the DA's office. He stated that the investigator would contact me next week.

The next day, 1-15-16,  the fbi  visits my website,  indicating that the DA or his investigator apparently contacted the fbi (probably the San Antonio office) to investigate ME. See the fbi visit to my site below.

Thus, I currently expect a call and an appointment with the DA's office in my efforts to resolve the unprofessional (and apparently criminal)  treatment of me and my wife by the
  gens d'armes   of the BPD.
The outrage: fbi thugs and assassins attack me, my wife and my property in felonious assaults (including destruction of my car, attempted murder, etc.) and I try to have the police perform their sworn duty; but then at the direction of the fbi the police treat me as the criminal; the police then threaten to arrest me, impugn my sanity and my veracity and tell me to take the "medication". This type of police corruption permeates the USA and puts many people at grave risk.




 See the fbi thugs visit my site in apparent response to my meeting with the DA:

Here we go again, the cowardly thugs and criminals who blackmail, torture, force suicide, imprison and murder Americans come out of the woodwork in response to

my recent visit with the DA and

my reports on fbi high crimes. 

See the Fbi on my site, even as they surveil and torture me 24/7/365 with DEW, etc.

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This nation sinks into police state and fascist rule mainly at the direction of the fools in fbi (the 'burro').
Public trust is irreparably destroyed, and the law corrupted by fbi. See my reports at academia.edu and


I ask this question:


Thank you.


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