fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

 The reader is invited to venture into the mind(s) of the fbi’s homicidal sociopaths in order to comprehend the clear and present danger posed against our citizens by the very officials who are sworn to protect and defend our  fundamental  human, civil, and constitutional rights. One method to gain an insight into the twisted thinking patterns of the  murderers and torturers of the fbi/cia is to read their filthy comments which are recorded by Geral Sosbee as evidence that  1)the USA is destroyed from within by the fbi/cia agents, operatives, street thugs, assassins and torturers, such as J.Robert Upton and Johnny Smith  and 2) all of mankind is threatened by the same unbridled brutality that attacks those of us Targets who are being harassed and tortured 24/7  for decades or for life.

Note: My best friend and colleague Barbara Hartwell also provides her assistance in the documentation of the criminal cyberstalking described herein.

Here are the links for a study of the abnormal psychology of the United States officials (demonic in their dayly practices while often pretending to be *religious on Sundays) at all levels and in all branches of government because all of them  have largely  ignored my reports and have  thereby given their imprimatur to the criminal conduct reflected in the passages below.  Note  that  in the first report below the  fbi  operative Upton comments on the food and drink that I consumed in my home (i.e.: wine and cheese); only one of the assassins who monitors me 24/7 and who enters into my home at will under the authority of a fraudulent court order (signed by a corrupt judge/magistrate)could possibly know the type of  food and drink that I consumed  on a given evening.








Hate Message: "Kill Yourself Geral Sosbee" http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hatemailpartsix.html
                                                        The fbi/cia/police/vigilantes have a message for the Target:

                                                                               WE INTEND TO

*Also See Comment.

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