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2009 Conspiracy to violate civil rights of geral sosbee covered up by police & courts

On or about 9-24-09 I filed a police report against one Alonzo Yanez (dob: 11/5/42) for class 'c' assault, Harlingen Police Report # 2009-00045954; the assault occurred on the campus of UTHSC, Harlingen, Texas, as I have documented at





 I subsequently filed a sworn complaint before Judge Valerie Garcia of the Harlingen, Texas, Municipal Court, against Yanez (Case Number 09-45954). I requested to be allowed to testify against Yanez. 

                                 (I was never notified of the time and date of the court hearing.)


The same person, Alonzo Yanez  who assaulted Sosbee as reported at  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19a-updatefo.html is currently  employed in the Harlingen, Texas Public Library where Sosbee frequents the computer terminals.The original court complaint  # 09-45954 of 'Simple Assault'  against  Yanez was finalized in the MunicipalCourt, 1018 Fair Park Boulevard, Harlingen, Texas 78550 on June 17, 2010 as follows: 

Yanez received a 90 days deferred adjudication (probably with the aid of fbi assassins), paid court costs of $114 (probably paid by fbi operatives), and the case was subsequently dismissed by the court. This kind of court action is unethical and possibly corrupt due to the apparent involvement of fbi  provocateurs directing the actions of Yanez. Sosbee, the victim in the case, had a legal right to appear in court and to testify against Yanez. This right was trampled on.
Regarding the police, I explained in detail the aggravating circumstances of the assault on me by Yanez, but Detective Delua did not record all the facts as I reported them. For more on the facts that I reported to Detective Delua please see:
and related links/pages.
I also requested under the Texas Open records Act (ORA) a copy of all records in this matter  in the possession of Detective Delua; in response Detective Delua released only the brief report referenced above. He did not release the files in his possession regarding references to  (and duplicated copies of) various pages of my website at  http://www.sosbevfbi.com.
Nor did he release any of his notes on the case. Detective Delua responded to the Texas AG order to release records inappropriately by withholding evidence in his possession regarding the full details of my complaint against Yanez.
When I notified the Texas AG that I saw the file (containing copies of my website) in the possession Detective Delua and that I affirmed that he (Detective Delua) did not release the required documents, the Texas AG wrote that he has no enforcement powers under the Open Records Act. The reasons that the files are important are, in part, that the Delua files show that he unlawfully withheld the records in violation of the ORA and that the records in Detective Delua's  possession support my contention that Yanez may have committed other crimes against my person under the direction of fbi operatives.
Today when I appeared at the Harlingen, Texas, Police department in efforts to gather more information of possible judicial misconduct by Judge Robert Guerra regarding the instant case, Detective Delua appeared with his absurd witness, Detective Noyola, in the lobby of the PD. The two were obviously making a menacing presence in my face which event also supports my complaint that detective Delua is not a good guy in my humble opinion, and that he may have violated the law and police rules as summarized above. I have this date attempted to file  complaints against both Guerra and Delua.


The efforts by the fbi to send thugs to provoke me into a violent confrontation have been ongoing for over a decade and are always covered up by police. See, for example:



2014 update:


The fbi/police threaten, stalk, harass, torture, force suicide,murder everyday across our country and we have no defense against their murderous and filthy ways.
all police/fbi corrupt all the time:



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