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A Disgraceful Act By The Thugs On The US SUPREME COURT

A Disgraceful Act By The Thugs On The US SUPREME COURT


The United States Supreme Court  (SCOTUS) establishes laws often in contradiction to human, civil, and (traditional) constitutional rights of the people. Historically, SCOTUS has always  ruled in this manner and continues today, on behalf of the fbi/cia/dod/police, to rule against the interest of the majority of the population.

In my case when the SCOTUS denied my pleadings to stop the fbi from the  torture of my person  and attempts on my life, the court made law and established a macabre public policy that today permeates the * global culture. That law encourages the assassins of the fbi, etc., to kill or to otherwise destroy people’s lives as I have documented on line for the past fifteen years. See my report on this topic at:


So, let’s be frank here:


When SCOTUS denied my legal action against the fbi, the highest court in the nation grants (by a culpable and affirmative denial of my request for help) the serial killers and torturers of the fbi the legal right to continue a crime spree against me unprecedented in human affairs. These same covert crimes (mentioned in the above la.indymedia link)  by the fbi/cia/police are also committed against others around the world often in secret and always with impunity.


All government agencies in the USA, at every level, interpret the Court's denial of my Writ as an order

to strip me  (and by implication many others)of  human and civil rights,

to thwart my productive labors for life

to kill me as the fbi desires.


 In effect the so-called justices are guilty of the crimes committed by the fbi against me for the past thirty years as referenced herein and in my thousands of on line reports. The results of such hideous SCOTUS laws (including actions and serious, consequential inactions) are the creation of a murderous police state.


I therefore charge the SCOTUS with crimes against humanity.


A disgraceful act by the thugs on the US SUPREME COURT:






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Comment by geral sosbee on February 9, 2016 at 3:13pm
After I published the supreme court report, the cowards and criminals of fbi remind me that they 'track' and torture me 24/7 for life; in other words my work is a most resounding success:
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