fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Mr. Trump: you represent all that is twisted and sick in our country: excessive greed, inflated ego, ostentatious wielding of power over men, arrogance beyond reason , misplaced high valuation of fbi,police,military, etc., and an apparent love for all things violent that may be necessary to perpetuate your distorted view of America as 'Supreme Overlord of Mankind.'

If you win election, this nation cannot recover from centuries of crimes against humanity which are ongoing today and which represent a macabre & distorted view of man's place on earth.

US ARMY, MARINES, etc , assist fbi in efforts to kill me:


Fbi corrupts UT police, Chancellor, counsel, President, Dean, and all employees and coordinates a string of crimes over several years against me (see 19, a, b,c):


Fbi dirty tricks:


Fbi corrupts law and order:


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