fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Empirical evidence shows that fbi assassins torture me with DEW 24/7/365, allowing 2-3 hours of non rem sleep in the PM.This causes terrible problems with GI which I try to overcome (w/o much success to date).So the fbi watch and modify the attacks by DEW for maximum pain caused by USA.

Close quarters monitoring makes fbi attempts to kill this Target easier & more fun for the fbi sadists/assassins.




Constant attacks by fbi's DEW may explain a brief episode of Cognitive impairment. The fbi torturers threatened to induce dementia in me. So, I remain alert to any signs. To whom, I wonder, could I report fbi crimes.
No one because USA is overthrown by the likes of fbi, fmj,et al.

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