fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Both attempts took place at the small US Post Office in Ashland, Missouri.  The law in Missouri allows most people to carry a loaded firearm in their vehicle but to carry one on the person that person must obtain a concealed carry permit.  However, even if a person has a permit there are still certain areas that they can not carry the weapon.  Federal property is one of those places where the concealed weapon permit is not recognized and only certified law enforcement can carry weapons on federal property and even that might be subject to some exclusions.  I am not a lawyer and am not in any way giving out any legal advice.  The US Post Office then is pretty much a gun free zone for the average citizen and the abductiors may think of this as an ideal place to do their business. 


During the first abduction attempt I had removed most of my mail from a small rented post office box but the postal clerk had jammed a phone book in the box and I could not get it out so I closed the box and went to the window to ask the female clerk to take the book out of the box.  As she walked away I heard a female type voice very close behind me say "Those are really hard to get out arn't they?"  I replied,'Impossible'.  I had turned slightly to see that the person behind me appeared to be a very tall, slim female wearing black slacks, white blouse, a head band and female makeup with mascara and lipstick.  I realized that this was a man named John King.  The clerk was returning with the phone book and giving a look to John King that said, 'Not here, not now. There are too many people in here.'  I took the phone book and walked away as fast as possible to get some distance between us and get back to my vehicle.  I have known of several instances where these people use stun guns to take down a subject, then they remove them to a remote location for beating, stunning, and even murder.  Sometime they just hang them while they are unconsious and call it a suicide.  In some cases where they actually took the person to a jail that person was found dead the next morning after being hung with the belt they took away from him when they processed him into the jail. 


The second attempted abduction was at night.  I had taken my mail from the box and left the Post Office to return to my vehicle.  As I approached my vehicle I heard fast footsteps coming up behind me.  I moved a little faster to my pickup driver door and as I took hold of the door handle I turned to look at the individual who was only a couple of feet behind me between my pickup and another pickup parked on the driver's side of my vehicle.  He was a short, lightweight, fast male.  He had medium length black hair and his face had a dark blue coloring to it as if it had applied some type of liquid to reduce face glare in night time situations.  He was wearing a black jacket and black jeans.  I caught a glimpse of his shoes and they looked black and new.  Everything he had on looked new.  He had a black object in his right hand.  When I stopped and turned he made a sudden turn and went back the way he came to the front of the pickup and he moved to the other pickup and got in the driver side of the pickup parked next to mine.  When I first turned and looked at him his face was looking down.  He never once looked directly at me or said anything.  I guessing that a pro would get new clothing that could not be traced to the purchaser so they could later dispose of it if had any blood - dna stain material resulting from contact with the victim.


The average American citizen would call me paranoid for even having thought that these might be abduction attempts.  Many years ago when there were some good cops on the street they thought being paranoid was a good way to survive being on the street.  I am going to have to start using the eyes in the back of my head to keep track of who or what is coming up on me.  I still want to think that I'm living in the America I grew up in and that is a real handicap.  For the time being I have to live as if my America has died.  She hasn't been buried yet and maybe she can be resurected but for the time being I have to live as if there is no Constitution and no Bill of Rights. 

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Thanks for the report, Gil.

Over the past decade I have learned  in my conscious efforts to limit my possible paranoiac responses to the continuing assaults (both physical & psychological) on my person, that  I have often not been sufficiently suspicious of the thugs and the living dead around me; any  failure to be observant and leery of people around one is itself a most risky enterprise.

Such is the state of uncivility in the country run by homicidal sociopaths of the fbi/cia and their kind.


The fbi continues to harass members of this forum in efforts to discourage some of us from posting. Unfortunately for the fools in the intel community, our members neither surrender to nor negotiate with such terrorists nor  with their half witted suppoters.

Thanks Gil for all your work and for your contributions here.



You're not paranoid.  Trust your instincts...and nothing or no one else.


Try to get "noticed by surveillance" taking photos and video of the dipshits.


Works for me.


Got a good photo last night of a fat, joke, punk, idiot working Neighborhood Watch.


These guys...think a 24 year interstate stalking campaign...is...uh....ENTERTAINMENT????


These guys do not get it....someday...they will be bleeding...and crying to the punk pigs and prosecutors.


Usually....if they want...PROVOCATION is grounds for MENTAL HEALTH COMMITMENT (they did that to me) and or charges.


Just video, use a camera all the time...and a tape recorder....all the time for any suspicious , bizarre incidents.



You might want to start a free blog.


Then put up all your photos of the surveillance.


Being published and identified with license plates is a good, good, good...verifiable record of the harassment.


That's what I do....and...you have to be aggressive with your camera and taping.


A lot of the fat f---ks....think..."they aren't gonna be photographed"?????.....by me?????....with the dipshits on my blog for the FBI dipshits to read?

I've been watching Stew Webb videos on youtube....and...he's been nearly killed, and had guns pointed at him by Somalian hit teams.  He was hospitalized.  And...today....went to dinner at Nick's Gyros in Sioux Falls.  When I showed up....just two people were there.  After I showed up, the place filled up with the Gang Stalking scum.  Some of them were clearly Somalians, Jamaicans, or something?  And...got a lot of nervous looks.   Hmmmm...."don't stalk me" and you have nothing to worry about...but, hey...these jerks think this is a patriotic "gut check" to save the community?  They've had 24 years to tie me to a crime victim...so...surveillance is a secret probationary punishment into perpetuity?  Hmmm...who would have thought....that this is the country I grew up in when I was a kid?  Who would have thought....these lowlifes could lie so well to rationalize a very dangerous mafia country?

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