fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

by Gil McDonald on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 6:08pm

It was in the Fall of the year 2011.  This was the first day of firearms deer hunting season for central Missouri.  I live at the end of a county road in Boone County, Missouri and I was walking out to the mail box on the county road.  There is one house about fifty yards past my house at the end of a private road.  As I go to the mail box I would usually walk up a slight hill that is my front yard, then turn left on the private road to the country road and then left a dozen or so steps to the mail box.  It was about 11:am as I walked up the front yard slope to the private road and I was sure that the postman had driven by and there was some mail in the box.  As I made the left turn on the private road I was thinking how fresh and cool the morning air smelled as the leaves were beginning to brown in preperation for winter.  I heard a shot from a rifle that was very close behind me.  The rifle was a large caliber of either a 308 or 30-06 caliber.  I could tell that the shot came from an area of woods that was less than thirty yards behind me.  The owner of that property was John Foley who lived in the house with his wife.  The blast was very loud and the shot was directed slightly to the left and slightly above my position.  It took a few instants to figure this out and during that time I had not faltered in my walk nor did I physically jerk or respond in any way to the loud noise.  I was grateful that my knees had not buckled or given any physical sigh that I had even heard the loud blast.  I did not turn around to look for the shooter or shout out to that not so funny fellow that was surely now hidding behind some large tree waiting for me to make a move in his direction.  As quickly as I had figured out what caused the noise I had figured out that I was not hit by the bullet and knew that the person responsible was the same federal agent john king who was in charge of the federal threat fusion center for my area and so delighted himself with any discomfort he could cause to a targeted individual.  I continued on at the same pace to the mail box where I removed a couple of peices of mail and then took a slightly different path back to my front porch.  Most will automatically conclude that the shot was meant to frighten the targeted individual into moving away from the property; however, it is designed to trick the target into making a response so the shooter can apply a killing shot and then claim self defense.  We are not dealing with honest cops or honest citizens in these cases.  They want to set up a situation where they can claim natural death, suicide, accidental death or at the very least self defense.

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Stew Webb:

CHILDREN as part of SURVEILLANCE:  I've observed and photographed families as part of gang stalking that is spun as "Community Policing" which is actually "gang stalking" and vigilanteeism.  Vigilanteeism, with "right to carry guns" people...equals..."community policing with weapons"?  Is this a good idea?  Is this a secret policy decision?  DHS has taken ideas and guidance from an Israeli expert on how to create a police state surveillance network using civilians (who don't have badges by the way, and also do not have any legitimate law enforcement prerogative or focus).


SAFE HOUSE: It would be targeted and infiltrated eventually....and...maybe instead of a safe house, maybe  a large tract of land, with individuals living apart but within eye sight of each other so they can socialize and watch each other's back when they go into town for groceries....As for Koresh, there are versions on this including Rayelan Rassbacher at "Rumor Mill News: breaking news" where she posted quite a bit from her husband (now dead) named Gunther Rassbacher who posted a long story on the programming of "shooters on a shelf" and claimed that's what the Davidians were....he also claimed that Delta Force went in, after the gassing to finish up a mission that amounted to contract murders on six davidians who apparently got the "go code signal" mixed up and were assembling a bio weapon?  This info was eventually given out to a lawyer who did get a meeting with Janet Reno, and he was quickly assaulted outside Reno's door...and later was tortured and murdered (there are photos on the web).  Then, much later, Koresh's mom was self publishing a book on David, and she ended up dead?  Me thinks, that quite a bit of the outrageous news is fabricated and part of secret special programs ran as Psy Ops.  Another story now covered on Koresh is "the strange and timely death of Dr. Ghigglioti" who was a FLIR video expert who told a friend that "he had smoking gun evidence that 3 FBI lied in Schumer's bogus Congressional coverup hearings" (memoreable for the footage of Congressman Sonny Bono's facial ques showing his extreme distaste and grief over the slaughter of innocents...from Linda Moulton Howe's documentary "Rules of Engagment"(i think that's the title of the movie?).


SLANDER as a MODUS to whip up VIGILANTEEISM:  Yeah...FBI promoted bogus idea using a coerced or bought off snitch, that the Davidians were pederasts.....too bad TEXAS DEPT CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES had already investigated and cleared them of all that....Slander works well, they have turned anybody and everybody against me....and, it was used in Quartzite, Arizona, to rationalize the "illegal surveillance used to set up the murder of the Korean Laundromat Owner".....and...at Rumor Mill News Reading Room (by the way, Barbra Hartwell was not happy there, but I think most of that site is okay, there was a clash about free speach?) recently, yesterday, came across a story on how the Chief of Police and his favorite second in command, a Latino Sgt were no "resting with leave" and not in charge anymore.  I met this Sgt, and we talked about football (he was a Marine Corp football player, running back who also was an NFL strikebreaker long ago).


STEALING LAND and GUARDIANSHIP:  They will have a bit of a fight, with my sister as a lawyer with friends who are lawyers....but, it would not surprise me.  There was a lady at Hopsicker's Mad Cow Morning News who made some comments after a story...and I looked up her site, and she had a "son either murdered or removed" by her rich husband who is part of an elite group of "Blue Grass Conspiracy" types in Kentucky....and of course...John Caylor at "Insider Magazine" came up against this surveillance-community policing-gang stalking group, and had his mom murdered with bogus investigation, then...they got a snitch in on him using a woman he married,...and they almost killed him and they did steal his mom's estate (home) from John who is on the run.  If you ask, I'll dig up some links for all this.


I hate to say this Gil....but...uh....sitting still in one place is to the surveillance' advantage.  Solution?  Buy cheap RV and keep moving.  See the great western states...winter in the Arizona desert...all free.  Fed Lands out west cannot be appreciated by those who don't know.  You can stay for 14 days for free....and then you got to move 25 miles to boondock. 

Moving around works in alot of ways: 1) they know, you are only here in their community temporarily;  2) You are a temp problem who is likely to move on; 3) The stalkers don't know you, takes time to read the slander file;  4) Most stalkers are fixed and tied to their homes....they ain't gonna follow you with as many people when you are 50 miles into the forest or BLM lands.  5) Stalking is centered around the cities where they have roots down...not, way, way, way...off the beaten path.  Very few, are willing to live off the grid, on the move, out of an RV.  No doubt, they will acquire RV's to follow you....but, they still got a hell of problem hiding an RV that follows you around severals states and areas.


JOHN KING: odd that you were apparently targeted because you took photos (legally I assume) of some old gov property, and got some UFO activity...then, we got the King brothers who might be clones?...or as you say "zombies".  Lot's of "zombie" stuff has crept into the pop culture, and I'm wondering what it's all about (some insider reference to Manchurian Candidates perhaps).


FUNDING THE SURVEILLANCE:  With real brutal economic meltdown...just how does the police state plan on funding this charade?  No doubt FEMA CAMPS under HLS, are ready with coffins....and yes dissidents will be systematically murdered a/o tortured....so, what are we doing stuck in America?  Where do we go?  If we go, we should travel together.  Costa Rico is an idea....and maybe farther to a country that embraces gun rights so we can defend ourselves. Mexico is totally out of control and "no gun rights" for citizens???  Narcos could easily be removed by the citizenry in Mexico, if only they were allowed to organize a militia.  I understand, most Mexicans despise the army more than any other force in Mexico.


As for "things getting better"...nope, not gonna happen.  Obama-Holder-Mueller are dedicated to finishing the neocon agenda: DEATH CAMPS, SOVIET STYLE POLICE STATE, very bad moon on the horizon all the way.  If you run to a safe third world haven...CIA has rendition powers?  Hide in the jungle (with a chip in my head)?


I'll have to get back over to your website again.  Fascinating, and I think very interesting to the MUFON crowd, who I agree with.  I went to the last UFO Conference held in Laughlin, Nevada, and had a wonderful time (they moved it to Scottsdale, Arizona, for now).


I'm very interested in these King brothers.  Very bizarre.

Their is a relatively effective and cheap way of "wiring yourself up" with a pin hole spy camera.  For about 90$, this device is made to resemble a pen for your front pocket.  Video and audio.


These civilian vigilantees, are a continuing threat and annoyance....with...no badges, no authority, and no legitimate focus or law enforcement function.  I've had them come in to my camp playing cop "actually talking to the suspect"????  Are you kidding me?  If they use GPS to track, they need a warrant.  Vigilantee's don't use warrants.  How do the cops use the tapes?  The get a warrant with dates, and change the date on the date of the tape made without a warrant: "The Hand Off Method" of disseminating and using illegally obtained evidence.   VERY DANGEROUS TO TALK TO ANYBODY YOU DO NOT KNOW.  If they are on your property wearing a wire, that is quite an annoyance, and I call it stalking.


They will "stiff the call" and get you pulled over.  That creates a potential advantage for you....if you can get your attorney to subpoena them, under oath, telling you about their surveillance, and more importantly THE SECRET INVESTIGATIVE FILE CORROBORATING FELONIES.  Most civilians are not trained liars while under oath....but, you still got to prove it with no help from anybody who has oversight functions.


Courts created an exception to The Exclusionary Rule, called the "citizen rule" exception....in SD, a switchboard operator at a hotel, listened in on a call, and because a citizen (not law enforcement) illegally seized info, the info did not have to be excluded??!!

Bothersome to me is, "just how many felonies are committed by civilians" to get one good tape?  Whose the criminal here?


The door was left wide open by judges allowing "citizens to play rogue cop using the citizen rule exception to exclusion of illegally obtained info" with the immunity granted by prosecutors silently (....what the Penguin is to Batman, is what prosecutors are to targets...no?).

Very dangerous to be all alone.....no support, no witnesses....no legitimate lawyers.

One of the worst threats facing a target is....SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING, spun as an Enhanced Interrogation Technique, in which "there is no interrogation" just a weaponized form of "entrapment" (legal under War Commissions Act?).

The Powers got Eliot Spitzer when he was organizing states against derivative trading fraud.

Sitting Still:  I have done some traveling.  I have lived in central Texas and the DFW area as well as Wichita Falls and Lubbock.  Also lived around Prescott, Ariz for several years, 30 years in MO and once lived in Nashville, TN for almost three months.  I should also include a couple of years in Germany as well as visits to Holland and Old Mexico.  You are right about the scenery.  It is beautiful.  People are pretty much the same no matter where you go.  Went to the Grand Canyon once but I have never been to Las Vegas.  Several years ago I did go to St. Louis to play the slots one time and was followed by the perps.  I had about 30 minutes of play and then any machine I picked would go dead.  It would keep taking the money but I could tell it wasn't working right because it had a dead feel to it.  When eating in the restaurant I saw some of the perps that I recognized from my home area.  When leaving one walked up to me and ask if I ever went to the local casion that is only fifty miles from my home.  I told him no and why.  I could tell that he would rather not have to travel more than 150 miles to St. Louis just to give me a bad time.  Since then I have saved him the trouble.  I don't travel anymore because I am where I am supposed to be.  In a few more months, travel in country or out will become highly restricted so I hope that by then you have found some place where you are willing to stay while the world finishes it's caving process.  I am going to finish right here.  When they haul me off of this property it will be because I no longer have anything to say about it.  Being old does have certain advantages.  No matter what happens to who, my race is nearly finished and a day or two early won't make any difference to me.  Some people like to call me a 'defeatest' because I know how the enemy works and it doesn't bother me to meet them head on.  The time will come when all of us will have to choose to make a stand or beg, and I'm just not much for beggin, so I want them to know I'm makin my stand right in their face, right here and now.  They believe in false accusations from paid liars who make their living selling porn and running strip clubs, then using their porn money to buy churches and telling them how to ruin their church.  They are a liar and the father of it.  Let them roll with the hogs, eventually the hogs will eat their filthy brain and the rest of them.  As far as I am concerned, there is no going back.  The good ol days are gone and they won't be back no matter where I pitch my tent.  I can put up a tent in the yard under the trees and build a camp fire right there and do all the camping and see all the beautiful scenery I want to see.  I wouldn't trade it for the best motor home in Texas, even if they included the best & prettiest woman they had.  I have been married and had kids.  They work for DynCorps International now.  In case you didn't know DCI furnishes people to the dhs, cia, nsa, etc. agencies that need perps to run missions for their undercover work.  They do that so they can catch a target coming and going.  After the major target is finished they will start to work on the kids if they haven't already.  They arn't out to eliminate the individual.  Their goal is to eliminate that strand of DNA.  It really is a big, amazing world but hey, don't worry, it will be making some big unexpected changes very soon now. 


Fascinating. This stalking looks like it is international too? Satan worshippers at the top? Recently been seeing videos on the penetration of Hollywood by the Illuminati...and it looks like total control. oddly enough I was reading some of Alex Constantine's research and part of the satanic bible is the idea of revenge for any slight is not just advocated it is considered expected and necessary? Hence you get never ending stalking campaigns. in my case...the media, congress, and DOJ were totally worthless and under the thumb of the dark ones?

You are right about standing your ground...for me...I drew more blood by feeding info to who ever thought threy might want to investigate...in Green River,Wyoming I can put two idiots in jail who were part of a very arrogant and stupid stalking campaign....too bad all the prosecutors are pussies.

if I could just find an honest prosecutor.
GIL....new message from Miss Utah (Leigh)...don't know what to make of her drone story...I've seen drones that looked like a dragonfly...but she's talking about stuff that seems unavailable to HLS....then she had a creepy date with perhaps a dark entity or clone or alien?????

don't take this the wrong way...but I invited her to register at this forum...and I don't vouch for her because I know how tricky the spooks are and she would be a perfect way to get our attention and trust based on her photos (prominent cleavage as social camel flage).

hope you are well...and read Geral's last post on Gabreilla...before that, she also was unusual and snotty to me because I did not immediately respond to emails...she's a little over the top...with stress...or another bizarre perp?

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