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Report On Need To Prosecute fbi/cia For Clandestine Murders (by Hartwell & Sosbee)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

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Former FBI agent Geral Sosbee was forced to retire  from the FBI in 1978, after only seven (7) years of service. He was targeted  while still inside the FBI because he refused to "go along to get along" with  the corrupt practices, refused to "play the game"; because he was true to his  oath to defend the Constitution; because he defended the God-given, unalienable,  constitutionally protected  rights of ALL,  including suspects.
But Geral Sosbee did not back down after he was  forced out of the FBI. Instead, he became a whistleblower. As a result he was  targeted for even worse persecution, still ongoing to this  day.
Geral Sosbee is not just any whistleblower. He  is the primary whistleblower  ever to come out of the FBI, and certainly the most  controversial. He reports the atrocities --in detail-- that nobody else formerly  in FBI service will cover: mind control tactics; electro-magnetic  antipersonnel weaponry deployed against Targets; implants placed in the bodies  of some of the FBI/CIA agents (which both Geral and I have had inflicted on  us); chemical/biological warfare tactics used against Targets; synthetic kidney  stones; psy war tactics, and on and on it goes....
Name it, if it is happening, he has exposed it.  Not only exposed it, but presented evidence from his own experience.  These atrocities were perpetrated upon HIM PERSONALLY.
Anyone doing research on the Internet will find  numerous websites of people who claim to be "Targets", or "Targeted  Individuals". Often, these persons will talk about COINTELPRO, an operation  initiated by J. Edgar Hoover in 1956, and which has continued even after it was  exposed and "officially" discontinued.
But most of the people making these claims have no  credibility. FBI and CIA do not just go around randomly "targeting" people.  Real Targets of the fed government would have to be deemed a "threat" in some  way. This is something that all former intelligence professionals  know.

Targets are legitimate whistleblowers, those who  actually KNOW what they are talking about, and have been INVOLVED in the  operations they are exposing. Or, they could be legitimate  professional journalists who are actually in possession of accurate information  which the government does not want exposed.
The COINTELPRO exploits a large number of minions  and stooges, in a loosely organized network, most of whom claim to be Targets,  but who are actually attacking and attempting to discredit REAL Targets. They  are amateurs, mostly uneducated, they are 'wannabes" and they are seeking  attention and approval for themselves, rather than being concerned with  defending Liberty or pursuing  Justice. Many of them are racists, bigots and  misogynists. And though some claim to be "journalists", they are just parroting  (even in some cases, plagiarizing) the work of others, be it legitimate or  not. Both Geral and I have been targeted by this gaggle of COINTELPRO  stooges.

[See reports on this site for names of  these government stooges.]

The late Ted Gunderson, FBI Chief and COINTELPRO  Kingpin, exploited a large network of these COINTELPRO minions, who continue  their attacks on genuine whistleblowers, journalists and  activists.

Geral Sosbee has documented the fact that at the  time he reported FBI crimes, before he was forced out, Ted Gunderson was Chief  Inspector, but IGNORED Sosbee's reports and did nothing at all in response to  his legitimate complaints.
Geral Sosbee also told me in 2001, when he and  I first began working together, that Gunderson had made an approach to him,  trying to get Geral "on board" with him to "expose" government corruption. When  I heard this, I said, Stay away from Ted Gunderson!

I told Geral that I myself  had been hoodwinked by Ted, that I had worked cases with him, gone on the  lecture circuit with him, and explained why I had broken off my association with  him in 2000. In short: Ted is COINTELPRO, in reality Mr. Super Spook, NOT a  "whistleblower".

Geral trusted me because, as he later said in his  public reports, all the information I had given him about Gunderson was truthful  and accurate and was backed up by his own experience and further  investigations.

A few days ago, I had a telephone conversation  with Geral, in reference to a report he had written which was repeatedly  tampered with and even deleted from certain websites where he posted it. So I am  reposting it here.

The subject is clandestine murders by FBI and CIA.  The fact that most of these murders are not even designated as homicide is the  worst problem. And then, when Geral tries to alert the public to what is really  going on, that the government is killing people in their secret operations and  getting away with it, the minions of FBI and CIA come out of the woodwork to  harass and stalk him in cyberspace.

These thuggish characters try to discredit Geral  Sosbee's reports, by calling him "stupid" or crazy. Most hide behind pseudonyms,  and being cowards, never use their real names in their attacks. And even though  the subject matter is deadly serious, whenever we get to talking about these  creeps, we end up mostly laughing about their transparent  idiocy.

Below Geral's article, which consists of links to  various reports, you will see just a few of the comments posted by some of these  FBI/CIA minions. In particular, a Mr. J. Robert Upton.

Mr. Upton, if you are the best the government  rat bastards have in their stable of cyber-stalking provocateurs, they are  surely in trouble.  And by the way, does your mother know what you do for a  living? Why don't you get yourself a real job, something that would make your  mother proud of you. Try being a man for a change, instead of a pathetic little  government flunkey. Shame on you, Mr. Upton.

Barbara Hartwell Percival March 23, 2012

*[Because otherwise, wholesale extermination of  dissidents becomes public policy.See AUSA Sara Robinson's assertion of "Public Interest" as legal justification for torture & attempted murder of Sosbee]:

The central question of  our time is to determine how many people globally have been murdered by fbi/cia  operatives in covert, illegal, counterintelligence programs, etc., by methods  (among others) described in the links below.As the crime of murder has no time  limits for court prosecutions, we must prosecute the criminals in the fbi/cia  who are responsible for the crimes suggested herein.

J. Robert Upton wrote:
More Stupid Bullshit
Where you been sosbee, I figured that your ass had been  committed to the nearest mental institution, which is certainly where you  belong.
So, perfect posting sosbee, illiterate and stupid as a box  of rocks didn't just leave a word out of his narrative, the fbi hacked it and  deleted the word. LOL, you stupid fuck, do you really think that the fbi gives  one rats ass what some loony fucker like you posts? Get over yourself you  fucking moron, and get some mental help, because you sorely need it.

Geral Sosbee wrote:
For more insight on the sick mind of fbi operative  J. Robert Upton, see:
The cyber stalker here may be a serial killer. His  diction offers a hint of his lunacy.

J. Robert Upton wrote:
To peek into the mind of delusional stupidity just follow  any link to gerbils blog. You will find a huge collection of the stupidest shit  ever written. Hey sosbeemoron, want some cheese with that whine. Fucking crybaby  whines about being controlled by the fbi, but the first thing the idiot does is  run to the cops to report that the bad ass J. Robert Upton is commenting  unkindly to his posts and he wants me prosecuted. LOL Fuck you  sosbee.

Rich Gardner wrote:
If you have more evidence of Upton being a stalker than I  see here, then it's okay to call him a stalker. Based on the evidence I see  here, he shouldn't be referred to as anything more than a critic.

Geral Sosbee wrote:
Well Erm- I don't recall asking your opinion on any  subject; your friend (the coward j robert upton) whom you pretend to defend  exemplifies all that is ugly, corrupt and evil in our culture and in our  government. You are now permanently associated with his filthy and homicidal  mind.

Rich Gardner wrote:
I was simply pointing out that since y'all are both making  use of a public forum, he's not following you around in any sort of legally  actionable sense. He's doing nothing to violate your privacy. Is he being mean  and nasty towards you? Sure, but that doesn't make him a stalker, it just makes  him a critic.


The fbi/cia/police have a simple message for the Target:

          WE INTEND TO:
Barbara Hartwell Percival Legal Defense &  Research Trust PO Box 22 Old Orchard Beach Maine 04064 Barbara  Hartwell Vs. CIA    http://www.barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com

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fbi psychopath sends the following threat via gmail  in response to recent success of my work:

To: gsosbee@gmail.com

    Very Soon My Friend


John Smith johnnysmith1556@gmail.com
9:47 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

Geral Sosbee,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end,
Of Geral Sosbee


Poor little Sosbee, chip in the head and a foot in the grave.
Making trouble for those who run the world.
Why do you cause so much trouble for us little Sosbee?
If you'd just conformed it'd be so much easier.
We'd take that little chip out of your head and we'd stop keeping you up at night!
But if you keep being bad we'll have to turn out your light.
Soon soon soon, you'll have to decide to play or disappear.
Have you ever noticed that guy on the corner? Or the woman watching you in her rear view mirror?
Of course you have, you're not stupid.  Just crazy right?  At least, that's what they say.




After Sosbee receives the *hate mail shown above, the fbi increases the assaults as described here:
During the days and nights of April 5-7, 2012, the directed energy assaults escalate to extreme levels (on a scale of 1-10, about a 9) after fbi efforts to shut down this and other sites fail; the symptoms of the assaults take on a more sinister tone than those symptoms described earlier at:


 Present symptoms now include: extreme fatigue, weakness in legs, difficulty walking, short term memory loss, jump in high blood pressure, brief incapacitating headaches, nausea, dizziness. The reader should also note that the fbi continues to 1) watch this target 24/7 in real time as he struggles to stay alive and 2) send notices to Sosbee (via telephone messages and via  remote electronic manipulation of car doors and tv  devices). Evil is USA.
See Also:


                                         Sosbee adds: See Also:






   Everything Geral Sosbee has posted is true: a secret protected group of criminal scum are daily protected by FBI-DHS-copland.

   In Geral's case, the secret program (an NSA "national security" program...like the 2005 NSA TSP scandal?) was up and running in 1978.  I got targeted by this program in 1986.

   Of course, The FBI-DOJ are complicit in sanctioning this felonious conspiracy: a statement that is obvious when you realize FBI-DOJ claim to be public servants and also have jurisdiction over any conspiracy to violate any civil right.

   The breadth and scope of this level of entrenched evil cannot be underestimated: corporate media, local media, Judiciary, Congress, local clown cops...etc.

   This is what happens when military brainwashing comes home and hides under civilian clothes.  It's predominantly run by ex military (USMC serves prominently as vigilantes, contractors, gang stalkers, gumshoe slimeballs, etc).

Who would have thought that a country with this many lawyers and this much loyalty to a fraudulent self serving belief (America has the Greatest Court System in The World)...could possibly ignore the reality of Police State Terrorism?

   I advise any sane person to expatriate to some other country where fascism is less likely to be this well funded and weaponized by DARPA who spent billions on mind control and fascism.

   The military is actually targeting US citizens...on US soil...and...not one county-state-fed prosecutor thought that was worthy of their focus?  I assure you, the prosecutors rarely have a clue about "what is going on" and "what entrapment" means or could mean under The War Commissions Act.  Notice that after The Bush White House admitted breaking the state and fed laws concerning warrants.........there was "No outrage or response" from county-state-fed prosecutors?  Nor was The ACLU HQ much concerned with using their experience and knowledge to access a court ordered dialogue (subpoenas after filing a Motion seeking Injunctive Relief)?

I think it's wise to retreat from any civil rights advocacy...while living inside a dangerous, secretive, felonious corrupt country where torture is legal or spun as a mere search under section 215 (use of DEW, Scalar to assault citizens inside their homes, cars, hotel rooms).

Oddly enough...there has never been any notice given to anybody whose civil rights were violated(?): thus, The Judiciary has no assurance that they have jurisdiction with a party in interest who can show actual harm (that's why secrecy and indifference was enforced and deployed...it reduces Fed Courts to impotent police state actors loyal to apathy and indifference).

In my case during an FBI investigation (Minneapolis-Sioux Falls, SD)....The FBI used The Patriot Act to seize all meta data and phone call records in addition to the foot-vehicle lockstep stalking: this was done to locate and identify all known associates.

These associates were systematically murdered or maimed.

Now....SD DOJ silently sanctions the routine torture harassment of my father and mother: sleep disturbances, strange aches and pains, feverish sweating, etc.

The NSA-FBI surveillance knows I wanted to subpoena those who were misled into cooperating with the FBI who aided and abetted the murders and torture of innocent US citizens.

All lawyers were neutralized to misdirect any civil suit filing in fed district court.

That's what SD DOJ protects as official secret policy?????

Welcome to the Orwell meets Kafka nightmare....run by drug smuggling pederasts (US Intel Community).

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