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The Act of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention



By Philip Giraldi


There has been a long tradition of fear-mongering legislation in the United States directed against groups and individuals believed to threaten the established order. The first such measures were the Alien and Sedition Acts passed by Congress in 1798 during the administration of the second president of the United States John Adams. The Acts, consisting of four separate laws, made it more difficult to become a citizen, sought to control real or imagined foreign agents operating in the United States, and also gave the government broad powers to control "sedition." Sedition was defined as "resisting any law of the United States or any act of the President" punishable by a prison sentence of up to two years. It also made illegal "false, scandalous or malicious writing" directed against either the government or government officials. The next President, Thomas Jefferson declared that three out of the four laws were unconstitutional and pardoned everyone who had been convicted under them.


Early in the last century, hysterical fear of anarchists resulted in the conviction and execution of Sacco and Vanzetti 1927 despite clear evidence that the two men were innocent. A few years later, in 1934, a Special Committee on Un-American Activities was set up by Congress to monitor the activities of fascists in the United States. Ironically, the two congressmen who were most instrumental in the establishment of the committee, Samuel Dickstein of New York and Martin Dies of Texas, both Democrats, were themselves tainted by activities that might reasonably be described as Un-American. Dickstein was himself a paid agent of the Soviet NKVD intelligence agency and Dies regularly spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies. After the Second World War, the committee was renamed the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and focused almost exclusively on communists, continuing to do so until it was incorporated into the House Judiciary Committee in 1974. Concurrent with HUAC on the Senate side, Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, a Republican, became the public face of anti-communism in the early 1950s, with his frequent claims that communists had infiltrated the US government at various levels. Few of the claims could be substantiated, however, and McCarthy eventually fell out of favor and was censured by the Senate.


More recently, there has been the post 9/11 creation of a virtual avalanche of legislation and commissions designed to protect the country at the expense of the Bill of Rights. The two Patriot Acts of 2001 and 2006 and the Military Commission Act or 2006 have collectively limited constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association, freedom from illegal search, the right to habeas corpus, prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, and freedom from the illegal seizure of private property. The First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments in the Bill of Rights have all been disregarded in the rush to make it easier to investigate people, put them in jail, and torture them if necessary. A recent executive order of July 17th, 2007 goes even farther, authorizing the President to seize the property of anyone who "Threatens Stabilization Efforts in Iraq." The government's own Justice Department decides what constitutes "threatening stabilization efforts" and the order does not permit a challenge to the information that the seizure is based on.


One would have thought that the systematic dismantling of the Constitution of the United States would have been enough to satisfy even the most Jacobin neoconservative, but there is more on the horizon, and it is coming from people who call themselves Democrats. The mainstream media has made no effort to inform the public of the impending Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The Act, which was sponsored by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, was passed in the House by an overwhelming 405 to 6 vote on October 24th and is now awaiting approval by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. It is believed that approval by the committee will take place shortly, to be followed by passage by the entire Senate.


Harman's bill contends that the United States will soon have to deal with home grown terrorists and that something must be done to anticipate and neutralize the problem. The act deals with the issue through the creation of a congressional commission that will be empowered to hold hearings, conduct investigations, and designate various groups as "homegrown terrorists." The commission will be tasked to propose new legislation that will enable the government to take punitive action against both the groups and the individuals who are affiliated with them. Like Joe McCarthy and HUAC in the past, the commission will travel around the United States and hold hearings to find the terrorists and root them out. Unlike inquiries in the past where the activity was carried out collectively, the act establishing the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Commission will empower all the members on the commission to arrange hearings, obtain testimony, and even to administer oaths to witnesses, meaning that multiple hearings could be running simultaneously in various parts of the country. The ten commission members will be selected for their "expertise," though most will be appointed by Congress itself and will reflect the usual political interests. They will be paid for their duties at the senior executive pay scale level and will have staffs and consultants to assist them. Harman's bill does not spell out terrorist behavior and leaves it up to the Commission itself to identify what is terrorism and what isn't. Language inserted in the act does partially define "homegrown terrorism" as "planning" or "threatening" to use force to promote a political objective, meaning that just thinking about doing something could be enough to merit the terrorist label. The act also describes "violent radicalization" as the promotion of an "extremist belief system" without attempting to define "extremist."


As currently envisioned, the Commission will not operate in perpetuity. After the group has done its work, in eighteen months' time, a Center of Excellence for the Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism will be established to study the lessons learned. The center will operate either out of the Department of Homeland Security or out of an appropriate academic institution and will be tasked with continuing to monitor the homegrown terrorism problem and proposing legislation and other measures to counter it.


As should be clear from the vagueness of the definitions, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act could easily be abused to define any group that is pressuring the political system as "terrorist," ranging from polygamists, to second amendment rights supporters, anti-abortion protesters, anti-tax agitators, immigration activists, and peace demonstrators. In reality, of course, it will be primarily directed against Muslims and Muslim organizations. Given that, there is the question of who will select which groups will be investigated by the roving commissions. There is no evidence to suggest that there will be any transparent or objective screening process. Through their proven access both to the media and to Congress, the agenda will undoubtedly be shaped by the usual players including David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Steve Emerson, and Frank Gaffney who see a terrorist hiding under every rock, particularly if the rock is concealing a Muslim. They and their associates will undoubtedly find plenty of terrorists and radical groups to investigate. Many of the suspects will inevitably be "anti-American" professors at various universities and also groups of Palestinians organized against the Israeli occupation, but it will be easily to use the commission formula to sweep them all in for examination.


The view that 9/11 has "changed everything" is unfortunately all too true. It has unleashed American paranoia, institutionalized mistrust of foreigners, and created a fantasy universe in which a US beset by enemies must do anything and everything to counter the alien threat. If it were a sane world, it would be difficult to imagine why anyone would believe that a Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act is even necessary. The United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in strengthening law enforcement and intelligence capabilities against terrorists and has every tool imaginable to investigate and make arrests. It has created a whole new bloated and dysfunctional branch of government in the Department of Homeland Security. What is not needed is groups of congressionally empowered vigilantes roaming the country at will looking for "homegrown terrorism."

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The US SENATE is famous for "putting an anonymous hold" on any bill............to study it, and read it, or delay.


This LEVIN (look out for Jewish people in congress working for Mossad or the Fed Bankers) and McCain bill..................seems to work rather well with "prior bad acts" and or WAR COMMISSIONS ACT legalizing torture.


Is there any place to hide?


Venezuella hates The US...........so............"the enemy of my enemy is my friend"....no?


Venezuella here I come....in peace.....with a propanganda coup for Hugo Chavez to use on TV.

Hello Thomas, Best wishes on your vacation to a warmer climate. You know I wish you the very best. Hope you will let us know how this works out for you. As long as you are on the road you might as well try different parts of the world. Many years ago I was privileged (during better times) to take a cruise to Columbia and got a brief look at their relaxed life style. It looked pretty good. I was once stationed in Germany and took a short trip to Amsterdam. Back then I could get three dutch gilders and eighty cents for one american dollar. I could buy a hot dog and a cup of coffee for ten of their cents. I thought that would be a good place to retire. But time changes everything and by the time I retired the exchange was a lot less so I just decided to stay home. Then home changed & I was trapped in Nazi Germany of the early forties. So here I am and here I shall stay until a shot in the dark ends my journeys here. As a young man I found there is not much difference in people no matter where I went. Sure, different languages but people are very much the same. I know you will keep that camera busy and there are a lot of beautiful green places on the way south. Spanish is a fairly easy language so I'm sure you will do quite well. Be careful, stay wise and enjoy each day. I hope you will stay in touch.

Thanks....good to here from you...hope your holidays are well.


Fascinating life you have had.....no? 


I agree "people are people" and "governments are governments".


Latin America....has always grabbed me...so humble...down in Mexico and Guatemala.


I remember after I finished law school in 91....my father's neighbor was "needing a long road trip" to avoid a family situation.................so we drove to Guatemala for the hell of it.  He had been there long ago in the fifties and early sixties on the out skirts of what was a lot of spook activity coming out of Miami's CIA Station JMWAVE.  


This guy...was good friends with Victor E. Stadter, a famous adventurer mentioned in a book called "The Fish is Red".  This friend lived a wild ass adventurous life....almost like the life of Errol Flynn (Hollywood bad boy....incidentally, Flynn's autobiography is called "My Wicked, wicked ways".  Great book...remarkeable character...get that book and enjoy his wacky ass life as a young man from Tasmania running wild and seeking fortune in the jungle before he became a film star.)


I suppose....with rendition, I can get snatched and grabbed in Mexico or Venezuella...anytime the contract is signed.  No one would know...and only my mother and father would care to know the sordid details.


I am out of the fire and into a frying pan.....and harbor no hope that Obama will veto the Military Detention law.  FEMA camps are up and ready for us.  I am sure they will enjoy torture, and I am sure they will "think they are doing the right thing as a good, solid, all american citizen".


"Be Careful".  Yes......my heightened alert status has led me to literally "photograph all cars and people" who follow me anywhere, or park near me after I arrive. 


It is not Orwell's "Brave new world" it is...a "secret cowardly nut house" with old grudges and descent into the atavistic sport for some, known as TORTURE.


Of course....america's christians...are as lame as possible, hoping that prayer and GOD will take care of the evil?????????

I always blame HOLDER and MUELLER'S FBI.


They have not come close....to resolving the murders of my known associates....and...had numerous chances to "interview me" or offer WITNESS PROTECTION.


NO WITNESS PROTECTION from the latino special prosecutor who tracked me down at Silly Al's Pizza in Quartzite, Arizona.





We are all just Cannon Fodder.  7 Billion people live on this planet and almost all governments want to reduce that number by as much as 90%.  Of course at the same time they want to increase the luxuries for themselves.  I don't think it will work out for them but like I previously said there seems to be no limits to insanity.  Hope you enjoy the day.


Particularly annoying is how "unbelieveable stupid the cops and cop groupies" are.

THEY think....they aren't gonna get smoked?

SOLDIERS AND COPS are just being used to do the dirty work.........and.........when it is their time

to get screwed, they will also find themselves without a paddle.

Rarely do you see a "police rebellion" against the chief, like what happened in Quartzite, Arizona.

I was surprised that the cops were honest enough to do what they did..........and..........very disappointed in the DOJ-FBI RESPONSE.  Another example of "just how worthless, lazy, and gutless" THE PUNKS AT DOJ-FBI ARE, will be, and have always been.

A witness.......like me...............does not get Witness Protection.........not even for 12 months?

12 months in that program.........and the latino SPEC PROSE FOR DOJ, did not want to talk about that with me........face to face...........with his FBI AGENT WIFE............who only wondered "what menu item did i recommend" at Silly Al's Pizza?

Let's talk about opening a fucking dialogue with the fucking witness.......no?

What aren't they telling us?


Answer:  HOMEGROWN LONE WOLF DOMESTIC TERRORISTS are created by the state, who generate the problem to create the solution.


THESE idiotic scum (The Neo cons) would not hesitate to "shoot up schools" with MK ULTRA assasins (most of whom were treated like me...Torture).


A program called OPERATION SLAMMER was identified back in 1994 by a US Intel Comm whistleblower named JULIANNE MCKINNEY.  She got info from an FBI agent?


So.........uh.............how come nobody, and I mean nobody at FBI-DOJ HQ wants to say "what I just said" in public?


Look at the slaughter (school shootings) while ROBERT SWAN MUELLER, III, was Director of FBI?


Have you no shame, sir?




....." HAVE YOU NO SHAME, SIR....have you no integrity, fidelity, bravery....sir?"

I remember when Fox News would cover the new CIA SPIN on "...radicalized lone wolf domestic terrorists...".




First you run OPERATION SLAMMER, with the same stepped up harassment and felony crime memorialized in Julianne McKinneys whistleblowing so long ago.......then you get some opportunistic "good solid citizens" working as millionaire surveillance contractors (retired pigs, military trash) to stoke the madness by using entrapment (in my case, PANKRANTZ and next door neighbor DAN MEYER colluded to call in at least two bomb threats to The University of South Dakota)...


...then you get local jack ass, GOP, judges to rubberstamp ex parte warrant applications (Gimpy, drunk, Janklow Groupie named JUDGE PAUL KEAN, a guy dedicated to whacking back cheap Vodka every night as he visited the same downtown liquour story across from my apartment), after being happily mislead....then you bring in the off paper snitchs to launder illegally obtained info("The FBI's infamous 'Hand Off Method'")....then you send goons, thugs, convict scum...then you Obstruct Justice when the target contacts the police...then you maxmize the intrusion with GANG STALKING TACTICS enjoyed and protected by the FBI AGENT MONITORING THE CASE (Austin FBI Drunken Piss Pants Slob named JOHN "tough guy dago" MASPERO)...................then you cover up AUSTIN FBI SPECIAL AGENT MIKE "grabbass" MANNO'S 20 SEX ASSAULTS in 1996-97 known as "The Groper" (a case that murdered Austin PD Commander SHAUNA JACOBSON wanted to look at?).......then Maspero and APD Ass Chief JIMMY "the liar" CHAPMAN aids MASPERO as they TAKE DOCUMENTS OUT OF MY 3,000 PAGE APD FILE....then you send more goons and smart ass punks to follow, stalk, and harass the target.......then you use some more SUBLIMINAL PROGRAMMING TO DISCREDIT THE TARGET..........blah, blah, blah....etc....etc......see, facts from US DOJ OIG COMPLAINTS.....etc....


Eventually............Operation Slammer creates the Radicalized Lone Wolf......who has retreated from so many assaults, breakins, and provocations............then...........FBI HQ REMAINS SILENT WHILE HOLDER is.......uh.........deploying Durham to jerk us off......and OBAMA is secretly taking an 18 billion dollar kick back loan from the House of Saud (and Israel gets taken off the 9/11 civil suit in New York with Judge Hellerstein tied to Mukasy, Chertoff, and the dual citizenship Mossad agents who helped destroy America)........and Alan Dershowitz is on TV telling us that Muslims "are dangerous terrorists"????????????


Welcome..........to the nut house.


Here's a link to Gordon Duff at Veteran's Today.

It has a video (15 minutes) on the CIA SPOOK known as The D.C. Beltway Sniper.


Shows all his ties to CIA and military training.


You could call it MK ULTRA, or you could call it OPERATION SLAMMER.


You could call it TREASON.....but Mueller and FBI GIRL SCOUTS, are convinced, "....we're just following our protocol, and our hands are tied...."??!!

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