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 My email to a friend:

I have not gone into much detail on complications of intestinal tract because the subject is complex, dirty & incredible.
Please let me know if you think that this summary of my horrid experience with DEW/ELF & sleep deprivation, etc. should be published.
When my intestines lock up & prevent bowel movement, one way to address the problem (aside from hospital emergency visit) is by digital removal of feces. Tonight, as I struggled with the problem, the fbi monsters performed 2 notices to me: 1) sent a loud banging noise that sounded as though the noise emanated from inside the bathroom where I was
2) a vehicle pulled up just near my bathroom window and the driver began banging on his vehicle.
For a few months I took probiotics which helped assuage the terrible intestinal problem.
Recently, the neuro weaponry aggravated my symptoms over past 3-4 days, culminating in tonight's painful (on several levels) episode of BM blockage. I continue with the probiotics and careful diet in hopes to deal with the issue.
The fbi monitors me throughout my home, including in the bathroom. So, the moment I have the problem fbi watch and deliver their noises, In fact, my wife (God bless her) upon hearing the banging noise, hurried into the bathroom to ask me whether I caused the noise. Then, she heard just outside the bathroom the vehicle pull up and make a separate banging noise from his vehicl as he watched.
These fbi are truly filthy animals for such outrageous conduct as I describe above.
Thanks for listening to this. Forgive me for imposing on your sensibilities.
I think that I should publish this horrific event ( and other similar episodes), but I do not want to offend readers, some of whom may not believe me. 
Please advise me, if appropriate.
The photo of gunman: He & his mother are fbi operatives and probably see many fbi drive-by assaults. They are pathetic humans just like the fbi.

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