fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

How could my life be stolen!


I now understand that all of my former associates in law and in education, all neighbors, friends and realtors, etc, eagerly abandoned our professional relationship because they feared some form of fbi retaliation. This type of control over people is based on discreet intimidation and the threat of violence which is forced on our society by fbiMAFIA.

This is the police state: A lifetime of hard work and earned accomplishments wiped out instantly with the unlawful entry of low thugs, criminals and assassins of fbi.


Supreme Court of the United States


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   They did this to me as well.

   Part of the COIN program run and protected and abetted by FBI-DOJ, includes...isolating the target from any social network.  Anyone who is allowed to socialize with the targeted individual will be paid and controlled by FBI-DHS or others.

   Thus, the copland controls every aspect of the targeted individual's life including "what lawyers the target is allowed to converse with"?

   Read The Military Detention Law promoted by Congress and signed by Obama:  this is nothing short of Marshall Law for an indefinite period.  The Military has covertly taken over a democracy that morons continue to show allegiance to?

   It's a military invasion.  Reserve military are groomed and paid to create the secret shadow military inside the US, while focusing on US citizens?

   Time to leave and expatriate to somewhere.  You won't lose any rights if you leave America...they've all been taken covertly without notice or any future notice.  It's as though, The US Military has coopted and back door drafted citizens into the military where there are no rights....all done secretly.

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