fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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Evidence that all main street media conspire with fbi to violate the civil rights of fbi Targets (edit article)


I have uncovered and reported that main street media is partly responsible for many killings and shootings by fbi's victims.
Some are ultimately killed by fbi & police; this report seeks to add additional evidence in this regard. I am a fbi Target.

*Aaron Alexis*

*Myron May*

*Vince Foster*

*Mike Ruppert*

*Chris Dorner*


See the media reports on the background on these Targets and see also fbi MD fraudulently label me adversely in part 20 of "My Story In Detail" .

*See: https://geralsosbee.academia.edu/*

*Understand that fbi creates or fabricates a false record on all Targets and also attacks them with secret, high tech, deep space based weaponry.*
EG: Fbi destroyed my hearing with ELF (extremely low frequency sound waves).


**** paranoid delusional disorder:****


**** fbi PSYOPS: ****


As I see news reports on shootings in USA, I begin to discover a common thread: All suspects are known to fbi and are for sport & human experimentation Targeted for death. These Targets are never advised that they are assaulted 24/7/365 for life by fbi's directed energy and extremely low frequency sound waves (DEW, ELF). The Targetes are also subjected to horrific psychological operations (PSYOPS) such as I have often documented. See my paper on VA PDF, inter alia.

PSYOPS are intended to destabilize the Target and cause bizarre conduct in response to the secret technology, DEW, ELF.Often, Targets are falsely labeled "Paranoia, delusional, disorder" and 'media eats it up' in order to convince public that the Target is solely responsible for the apparent nervous breakdown.

Regarding corrupt & murderous main street media, see my report here:


The provocations of a Target against this fbi whistleblower also include:
assaults by thugs, threats by cops who assist fbi all the time, home invasions and tamperings. drive by and visits to my home by apparent assassins, hateful and violent neighbors and gunslingers; fbi also interferes with my efforts to post reports and fbi bans my friend RAMOLA D from u tube, thereby deleting all of my podcasts with her.


This fbi activity against me has been ongoing for 35-40 years:


Recently, fbi increases assaults on me in the middle of the night, so as to remind me of their displeasure.

The federal magistrate judge who authorizes fbi crimes sends me a message online that FMJ is"cognizant" of my reports.

**Thus I trust that the main street media may someday be held accountable for their fraud on the American people and for the widespresd killings & trauma throughout USA that media cause###


RAMOLA D: "FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee gives voice to the thousands of targeted Americans who are hounded by "an abusive legal process" and harassive entrapment set up by corrupt Intel agencies and corrupt Law Enforcement. what would you do if?" https://www.academia.edu/41352783/What_Would_You_Do_If

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