fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

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During the Bush administration I was injected by a gov. agent who was pretending to be a Dr. I had an appointment with but I had never seen this Dr. before and did not recognize the gov. agent who was wearing a disguise. This was in early March of 2007. He did not warn me of what he was going to do to me. I was there for a pre-surgery examination to have my right knee replaced. It was several months later when I realized what he had done to me. Among other things he injected me with human blood which was black in color and obviously had not been processed in any way except to withdraw it from someone else's body and inject it into mine. The only purpose for this would be to inject a disease into my body. My first thought was Hiv and there might also have been a disease called Black Diamond Blood Anemia which destroys the bone marrow, therefore the immune system. The second group of injections he gave me had a syringe filled with a fluid that was seperated into rings of different colors that had various shades of pink, light pink, tan, light brown, etc. I later realized that the liquid in this syringe had been made of raw flesh that had been liquified. Once again, the only reason for injecting something like this into my body would have been to transfer a disease into my body from some other person. Two bio-weapons, plain and simple. This gov. agent had replaced the Dr. I was supposed to see and this type of thing has happened repeately over the years. Today's date is 6-14-10. The gov. will not let me get a medical test from any lab they do not control.
The experimentation by the fbi/cia assassins & sociopaths (and their friends-fiends in the medical and dental communities) continue today. Thanks for your work .
Best Wishes.geral
I too had CIA using FBI badges....run circles around me.

They responded quickly...since....I did a walk in, with no phone call to set up an appointment.

I had doctors falsely report x ray results to me.

Saw the x rays put on the screen by the second x ray tech, after the first set of x rays were never shown to me?

Then I got my tape recorder out.....and.......came back. Got to get them on tape, and take photos....or...learn to wire up video. In court....tape is everything.

So....they chipped me, tampered with course of medical care....medical malpractise...etc....my complaint to SD BD OF MED EXAMINERS was obstructed by a punk lowlife named Don Srstka at SD Atty Generals Office, in Sioux Falls, SD.

He then, after getting exposed by me....start "nailing local doctors" for anything, in a failed attempt at "policing medical ethics" as a way of somehow redeeming himself to himself.

My father had a happy hand in making sure that his medical colleagues at SD MED BD, got Srstka fired from his post overseeing the medical board as a SD Atty General.

Advice: GET TAPE, VIDEO, or audio...photos...etc.
Yes...I would be quite concerned about injections....that don't look right.

Most likely, a SPECIAL SERVICE man was used on you.

Did you know the PATRIOT ACT created The Special Service (SS)...in which....100 FBI badges were given to The Executive Branch?

Were those guys operating outside the scope of usual PAPER TRAIL FBI INVESTIGATIONS?

Anytime you got an FBI AGENT WHO IS COUNTERINTELIGENCE, you don't know if he is legit, or SPECIAL SERVICE and really running COINTELPRO.

Real authentic FBI COUNTER INTEL agents....work cases on paper legally for prosecution....not what I saw from Special Agent Steven Pluta in Sioux Falls, SD.

I was typing out a MOTION FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF, with subpoenas for PLUTA to find out....who else is involved...like The Special Service (CIA with an FBI badge).

These special special agents....are real special....one guy was a date rape guy...who slipped sedatives to embassy personnel overseas....to have sex with women.

That guy did get caught...later booked for smoking crack, armed....crazy.

geral sosbee said:
The experimentation by the fbi/cia assassins & sociopaths (and their friends-fiends in the medical and dental communities) continue today. Thanks for your work .
Best Wishes.geral

I think Geral...that SCHOOL SHOOTERS ON A SHELF is MK ULTRA and was identified by an unnamed FBI agent to told JULIANNE MCKINNEY that the program was called OPERATION SLAMMER.

It is very similar to what happened to Geral Sosbee.......and it involves subliminal programming to change a personality orientation...coordinated with contract foot, vehicle, eleectronic surveillance...who always have THEIR CAMERAS READY AND LOADED TO CATCH ANY SEXUAL INDISCRETION or deviance.

At some point....you realize....you don't who you are, what you are.....very effective COINTELPRO neutralization.

ELIOT SPITZER became a three hooker a day grabass....after speaking out about the derivates mortgage backed....bubble market......used to destroy world economies.

MIQUEL RODRIGEUZ had a sex change operation....after blowing the whistle on the Vince Foster Murder, and obstruction. He was an Ass. US Atty unlucky enough to be selected for Ken Starr's unfocused harassment of the Clintons...and Holder is linked to Foster and the coverup.

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