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The Texas Attorney General (AG) orders the UT Police to comply with the Texas Open Records Act on behalf of Geral Sosbee. See AG letter attached. Then see my message to the AG below; for more background information see parts 19,19a,19b,19c on my site http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19c-updatefo.html http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/affidavit2007.html

from:  gsosbee@gmail.com  to:  "greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us" greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us date:  Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 8:41 PM

subject:  Open Records Case #518589


            Thank you for the above referenced case pending in your office. The task before me is quite difficult, but doable: to gather evidence on the corruption of all branches of the US government (tripartite) and to survive efforts by the fbi and their thugs (including police) to discredit and to silence me.

Please see my affidavits, both 2007 and 2014:


and additional recent  evidence on federal and state abuses of power on behalf of fbi:


The assistant Texas AG who opened the above referenced file is honest and is among the few who see the truth in my reports against the criminals inside the UT police and the fbi.

For your efforts I am heartened. Yet I realize that the 'tsunami'  of corruption that sweeps over this nation cannot be easily stopped.

I seek to gather as much evidence as possible for as long as I can. The hijacking of my life in 1988-1989 by the fbi has chained me to a self defense mode for 25 years 24/7, globally, and no end is in sight.

The UT police obviously relied on a fraudulently obtained civil court order (that was secured by fbi miscreants against me) in order to fabricate a fictitious criminal case which was punctuated  with their issuance of a illegal BOLO in an effort to legitimize the phony investigation.

Few people have access to the evidence against the fbi/police that I have labored to record. Your office has such evidence, direct & circumstantial, if only you could study same.

Please do not quit this case; I request to know of any developments in this matter.

Thank you kindly.

Geral Sosbee


Conditioned Response:

After I posted the above report the fbi sends at me the same female operative/assassin who has previously assaulted me many times at the library and in my home (by pouring toxic fumes into my residence which resulted in a medical condition requiring antibiotics); on this occasion the woman (a large, horrid, ugly and foul looking beast whom I have previously referenced in many of my reports) walks near me in the library, making sure that I see her. She leaves ten minutes later; that evening I am bombarded all night with increased DEW attacks, causing severe sleep deprivation. As Pavlov noted, " his dogs would begin to salivate whenever he entered the room." Each time this animal shows her repulsive face to me, I can reasonably expect a repeat of the same type of torture described above.

This type of conditioned response played on a human being is evidence of the way this nation intends to handle any activist or political Target.

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Comment by geral sosbee on April 17, 2014 at 10:13am

My message to the Texas Attorney General April 15, 2014, on his allowing UT Police to violate Open Records Law:

Geral Sosbee /span>gsosbee@gmail.com>

to greg.abbott
I hereby request that the Texas Attorney General  (AG) provide me, under the Texas Open Records Act, all documents of any kind and from any source relating to the failure of the University of Texas Police, Health Science Centers (San Antonio, Austin and Harlingen, Texas campuses) to respond to my previous Open Records request. The UT case number with the Texas AG relates to false statements by Chief Parks at UT Police, Open Records Case #518589. The attached letter dated March 17, 2014, from AG to UT supports this request. This request also includes any item, memo or document from legal counsel of UT, or any other campus, including UT campus (Austin, Texas) where any person has made a record of (or made input into) this matter.
I need to know why the AG knowingly permits the UT police, legal counsel, et al, to circumvent the laws in efforts to cover up crimes against my person at several UT campuses over the past decade. So, this Open Records Request is directed to the very agency of government responsible for enforcing Open Records laws against others who have shown to be in violation.
If a civil court order is secretly lodged against me as directed by the assassins of fbi, then the Texas AG should advise me of same in order for me to address the assaults on me each time I enter the library at UT. I have proven that crimes were committed against me at UT by police and their operatives; no civil court order (however corrupt) may authorize the UT police or anyone else to engage in crimes against me. The fbi campaign to discredit me knows no bounds and anyone who permits the crimes against me is an accessory to such crimes, or to a cover up of same.
Failure of the AG to aggressively pursue this case portends ill for the State of Texas and for the nation, as I have been tortured by the fbi for about twenty five years with no end in sight. The Texas AG is fully aware of my plight and of the fact that I am an attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas (license 18855625, inactive). Note that I take no pride in being a lawyer because the profession is rotten from the effects of the fbi's control/influence over all such professionals.
This request is made in good faith and with no intention to cause an inconvenience to any person.
Thank you.Signed by geral sosbee
geral sosbee
p o box 1548
brownsville, texas 78522

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