fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

*The Secret War Against USA by fbi / cia

*A Secret War Against USA by fbi / cia :

The assault on mankind now underway by fbi/cia et.al., is not just begun; the world's population is kept in the dark about the extreme evil of the USA that many of us document today and that some tried to expose a half century ago. The twin dirty pair fbi/cia is filled with homicidal, sadistic sociopaths who have managed to frighten (sometimes to death), imprison, incapacitate or assassinate anyone who questions their insane authority.


 Barbara Hartwell 

"In this war for hearts, minds and souls, the Central Intelligence Agency has been on the wrong side, the dark side, since Day One when the spy agency was formed in 1947 from its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and staffed with Nazi scientists brought to the United States of America under the auspices of an operation codenamed Paperclip. These Nazi scientists and S.S. officers --some of whom formed the original core of the CIA-- brought with them the atrocities perpetrated during Hitler's Third Reich, in the death camps and beyond, including the use of human subjects in genetic engineering experiments, known as "eugenics"; the practice of nefarious occultism; horrific psychiatric abuses for purposes of behavior modification, brainwashing and various forms of mind control. These and many other human rights violations can only be described as Crimes against God as the perpetrators attempt to usurp the power of God for an unholy agenda."


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