fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The enemy of mankind: the United States of America

For over two decades I have documented illegal assaults on my person by the fbi and their operatives in their efforts to silence me from reporting the crimes committed by the fbi over the past nearly half century. My reports are ignored by the main street media and today many other online media groups also refuse to allow me to publish. Whether or not I am able to continue to file my reports of continuing assaults on me by local, state and federal police (and by neighbors and acquaintances) at the direction of the fbi is less important than the fact that our nation is overthrown by the very authorities charged with protecting and safeguarding our liberties, both constitutional and God given.

Today, the fbi also increases the directed energy assaults on me to an extreme level, so that I am often physically unable to climb out of bed due to the pain and the nearly unbearable sleep deprivation. After the recent fbi assaults on me at the public libraries in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas, (including destruction of my car and physical provocations in failed efforts to arrest me), I continue to post my material as best I may. In other words, when the fbi failed to find a way to arrest me in order to shut me up, the assassins of the fbi in Washington D.C. gave the go ahead to increase to high levels the ELF (extremely low frequently) sound wave assaults on me in order to metaphorically chain me to my bed for up to 20 (twenty) hours regularly.

Inasmuch as I don't take order from thugs and one can't negotiate with the fbi terrorists, I continue my work today with this report.

Anyone who studies my reports may correctly conclude that the individuals who are torturing and trying to discreetly kill me (or trying to force some other unspeakable result) are like sadistic demons in relentless pursuit of the most dark agenda possible by mankind: global and eternal mastery of evil deeds such as torture and murder for the purpose of dominating the human psyche and spirit. For these reasons and many more I conclude that the United States of America is the enemy of mankind. See the following links in further support of this report:




Falsus in Uno:



Homicidal Sociopaths and Liars:




Geral Sosbee


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Comment by geral sosbee on September 11, 2014 at 5:15pm
See comment by fbi operative, assassin, Iv, that I should join ISIS.


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