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Predicted confessions of fbi serial killers

Geral W. Sosbee: Predicted confessions of fbi serial killers    
 Predicted confessions of fbi serial killers
picture24 Mar 2016 @ 07:21, by Geral W. Sosbee

Below is a description of the apparatus of terror & intimidation used by  the USA's Central police authority which is  the fbi. 

 Today, the fbi enjoys the same dictatorial authority that was Adolf Hitler's in his time and place. 

A few observations in the next paragraph are borrowed from Jarred Boyles who addressed the high crimes committed by  Adolf Hitler. Boyles reported on some of the confessions of Nazi war criminals who operated with the implied consent of the people of Germany.  

"What is it about a dictator that makes men set aside their own morality and so heedlessly slaughter other human beings? Do their cries of pain fall on deaf ears? 
Fear is a perfect motivating factor, but how can fear paralyze millions of people so thoroughly? " 

Today in the USA all Americans are afforded the opportunity to read my reports of fbi atrocities against me and others,  but no one tries to stop the crimes because the fbi as dictator instills such extreme  fear as to practically paralyze the members of government and most in the general population. In other words the people of the USA impliedly consent and often approve of the fbi hideous offenses that I chronicle. 

Extensive documentation of my allegations against the fbi are on line, as are items of  proof that Congress and the Courts pretend that the fbi is innocent and is collectively Mr. Wonderful protecting the USA from criminals;  nothing could be further from the truth. 

We have few or no  confessions today  from the human monsters of the fbi, but if we did here are a few of the outpouring of  'mea culpa'  that would be forever inscribed in the annals of sickening American Real History : 

Regarding ex fbi agent whistle-blower Geral Sosbee and many others targeted by the fbi for torture and death, here are a few of our assaults against him: 

We tortured him in his home with a variety of methods:  

Drove him into bankruptcy, homelessness and neuroses; sought as we monitored him in real time to force him into final exit and sent him messages to do so; 

poisoned him extensively and watched him collapse and seek emergency hospital care; made sure his doctor was incompetent and that he would need to flee the hospital for his life; frequently entered his home and destroyed some of his clothing; tampered with certain items so he would know that we watch him 24/7/365 in order to devise ways to drive him crazy; destroyed  his cars when warranties  expired, and took over by remote control the electronics of his car and his home for harassment purposes; attacked  him relentlessly with directed energy weaponry (DEW) including microwave (causing blisters and cancers) and with extremely low frequency (ELF) sound waves causing disturbing sleep deprivation permanently; watched him in his car and home in order to plot new psychological assaults;  sent street thugs to provoke him in order to try to arrest him on any charge for over decades; notified  all police and all of his contacts that he is under investigation and is a dangerous mental case; repeatedly tortured him while he was in the hospital for treatments of injuries that we caused, or that he suffered in the army. 

When he attempted to report our attacks, we used his writings as evidence that he is dangerous, angry and a possible mass murderer (and that due to his combat service to USA he is by definition  a murderer); orchestrated a crime scene where we planted  his name as a prime suspect and subsequently directed high level police from state and federal agencies (not fbi) to open an official, full field  criminal case on him. 

 All of this is even now conducted by our counterintelligence group and is  authorized by federal judges/magistrates based on ex parte sworn fraudulent statements from our operatives. 

Geral Sosbee somehow survived decades of these little atrocities even into his seventies and we plan to continue the macabre program against him until he dies. 


"The more we do to you the less you seem to believe we are doing it". Joseph Mengele 

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