fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally


See the menacing message delivered to me today showing the great success of my work as evidenced by the pernicious and  murderous perpetrators of the incompetent, and corrupt puppets at Pentagon.


As I have documented through twenty (20) years of reports, court documents, fbi/cia records, affidavits and diaries, the fbi/cia and their intel associates (including those at Pentagon) of the US government control the country at will; these torturers and murderers also directly control/influence the president, the congress, and the courts of the United States, thus rendering them all as de facto operatives (secret agents) of the intelligence community.


The stakes are high: the future of the world and indeed all mankind are in the balance; so the intel community with their homicidal culture cannot accept the idea of defeat.

In the *site meter image shown below the Pentagon reminds me that I am being tortured and that I am enduring multiple and ongoing attempts on my life as an experimentee or subject of non consensual research (i.e. torture via high tech assaults and crimes against my person by low minded intel thugs). http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/non-consensual.html


The Pentagon assists the fbi in the macabre program, but all such fools have a slight problem: my work is now being recognized globally as truthful and meaningful as resistence to the emerging global police state spearheaded by fbi/cia/Pentagon. The only way to stop the assassins whom I describe is by a thorough education of the world's population.


As a teacher I am most gratified at my resounding success, and I am humbled by the moral support that I receive from people everywhere on the planet. See my two reports in the links below for a summary of the data that disturbs the leaders of the USA's governmental crime syndicate; then consider how you (the reader of this message) may contribute to the education of our global village. After all we each owe a duty to do something positive & and always peaceful  for humanity.


Bristol.Indymedia (as controlled by MI6/fbi/cia) blocks all of my efforts to post:






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