fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Our Work & Pain Lives Through The Ages

The price/meaning for our living in this world:
Many in our numbers are beaten to death, strangled, poisoned,shot, stabbed, suffocated, tortured by sub human beasts,
ceremoniously hanged/stoned/ gassed for public amusement,starved to death, jailed, driven to madness, enslaved , dragged through the streets, defamed beyond all measure, worked until dropped dead, fallen by myriad diseases, nailed on a cross , tortured & spat upon until the end , killed by the elements, etc. Of all the ways that this life takes its final toll, the most unacceptable are the final injuries intentionally delivered upon Targets by their fellow man especially the maniacal police, fbi, or their assassins & vigilantes in the populace .

Our humanity must remain intact because others right behind us may discover that in this Age of Madness, filled with hate, violence and inhumane practices,
the single most enduring and blessed characteristic of the species is our capacity to love.

Civilization is thus held together by this common thread which ironically is most often perpetuated by those of us who suffer the most pain and indignities in this life at the hands of the most ruthless, murderous, deranged humans in our culture. In this sense we, not they, give eternal meaning for the good in life. Our history is recorded as the struggle to save mankind from itself. For this you and I may truly rest in peace .


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