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Modern COINTELPRO described in one letter with appendices

                                                 Modern COINTELPRO described in one letter with appendices


I have previously written that the United States of America is the enemy of mankind, and I have provided extensive evidence to support my conclusion, particularly crimes committed by the fbi in their nearly half century old vendetta against me. This report represents a summary of the kinds of atrocities committed by the executive branch of government (and its administrative agencies) against me, even as others in government support or cover up the crimes that I describe. The program used by the fbi is an offspring of the fbi counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) whereby the fbi silenced by torture, imprisonment and murder dissidents, critics and whistleblowers. See:



Today the fbi has refined the program so that it is a super sophisticated, high tech juggernaut which uses the courts, the law enforcement community, doctors, dentists, lawyers and laymen in a concerted effort to torture and kill the Target. I refer to the new COINTELPRO in one letter, “T”, which stands for torture, kill, imprison, slander, and threaten the Target. The ongoing 24/7 assaults by directed energy weaponry (DEW) continues against me, as do assaults by street thugs acting as fbi operatives. One such thug continues to this day to harass me in the public library at Brownsville, Texas, and the library director is aware of same.



“T” also involves the use of human experimentation in a government program where I (the Target) am treated as an experimental rat, or dog, upon which the cruel assaults are conducted in the name of science. See:


I have tried to ask congress and the courts to stop the fbi’s “T” against me, but in vain. The result of the crime spree of the fbi against me is the complete destruction of my professional life, my health, and continiuing taxation on my general well being. I therefore attribute part blame for the “T” as used against me to the congress and to the courts.


Of all the branches and departments of government of the United States of America, the one group who have done the most immeasurable damage to our God given rights, to our human rights, and to our constitutional rights is the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). The outrageous, death dealing decisions (over the past hundred years) of the highest court in the land provide exemptions (via new laws found in the court's decisions) to what would otherwise constitute crimes against humanity by police and by the fbi/cia against our people. Meanwhile, the *Congress sits back in comfort and enjoys the free ride on the USA's inhumane express to hell; they have no stomach to address the disintegration of our fundamental, once inalienable liberties.


To the SCOTUS Justices in their ivory tower that oversees all other ivory towers in the USA (such as those in academia), the screeching voices of the people are hardly heard and are almost always ignored. See my **Writ where the court's denial encouraged the fbi to continue their multi decade campaign of torture and attempted murder (*by discreet methods) which continue against me to this very minute.


***Then, ask not why so many of our fellow citizens (and other world citizens) sometimes break under the murderous oppression of the USA police state that envelopes all of us.



* See my report on line entitled, “This Congress Will Live IN Infamy”


** See my Writ


*** See my report on the dilemma facing civilization:



Also see “Animated Contest Of Freedom” at




Finally, the fbi operatives now use the law enforcement community in an attempt to legitimize the false rumors and lies spread by the fbi operatives. The recent fraudulent investigation of me by the US Postal Inspector and the Texas DPS agent is evidence of this.  See:


Thus the overthrow of the US government is evident to all who are caught in the “T”.


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Comment by geral sosbee on September 25, 2014 at 8:09pm
Fbi, nervous over above report on Cointelpro, sends operative/assassin "oo" to use ad hominem attack as shown in comment here:

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