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MK ULTRA PROJECTS : FBI : Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Testimony

MK ULTRA PROJECTS : FBI : Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee's Testimony

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Geral W. Sosbee and I am a former Special Agent with the federal bureau of investigation (fbi), United States Department of Justice. I request that your good offices accept this letter with enclosures and that you kindly relay the information herein to colleagues in the government, to your representatives and to your associates back home for educational purposes.

My present objective is to focus attention on the fbi and on the central intelligence agency (cia) with regard to their ongoing practices of targeting for death certain individuals who expose human rights abuses by those two agencies; also, other individuals who may be viewed by the fbi or the cia as politically viable adversaries (to a corrupt United States agency or policy) may be similarly targeted. I am saddened by the prospect of reporting fbi and cia transgressions and I remain optimistic and invigorated at the realization that I have survived the past eight years in torment (as of March, 2006) and that I now have the opportunity to share my experiences with others and perhaps thereby to assist them in some manner.

As shown in the summary of events that follows (and as more fully documented in my court filings) agents and operatives of the fbi and the cia (including at times members of the general population) engage from time to time in a subtle form of homicidal conduct for personal gain, to cover up crimes, to silence political critics, or to otherwise neutralize specific individuals who attempt to report fbi and/or cia gross abuse of power and possible crimes against humanity. My government and the media in the United States are aware of my allegations and are in receipt of abundant evidence to support my claims. I have established on the record that the fbi and the cia are corrupt, that the United States Congress and the courts to date are cowardly in failure to address the corruption, and that the American people are generally unaware of the extent of the problem.

The United States is not alone in such unconscionable conduct (as further described below) as it enlists persons from other countries to assist in the human rights violations when the fbi or the cia sees the need. Any nation which cooperates, condones, or supports the tactics depicted in this letter is unfit to lead or to influence any other nation with respect to human rights and humanitarian issues. The implications of such a sorry state of affairs are indeed disturbing to sensitive intellects and persons of good will, particularly with respect to the need for peace in the world.

The campaign of terror described below is typical of the methodology used in similar efforts around the world and may foreshadow a general decline in social and economic fairness the world over. Enclosed with this letter are my sworn statements, my letter to human rights supporters, my letters to police departments, my advertisement in the Hollywood Reporter Magazine (August 2000, Special Issue, page 133), my Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals and Congressman Abercrombie’s letter to the fbi.

In the pages that follow I outline the techniques used to attempt to silence me from charging the fbi (and the cia) with high crimes against the American people and against the international community. I trust that this information will be helpful to other potential victims of similar attacks by intelligence agencies which use covert hit squads (often referred to in the fbi as Goon Squads). I feel privileged to present the material to you because I am confident that your people will benefit from the representations. As the Target of the fbi and the cia Goon Squads, I refer to myself below as T.

*From about 1998 to the present time the fbi (and the cia in the Dominican Republic, Japan and Thailand) continue an uninterrupted campaign designed to neutralize T and (to express directly) to drive T insane (or at least to force T into exile, defection, or suicide), by using the following tactics:

—Initiate or reestablish an official investigation on T.

—Notify T’s friends, associates and contacts that T is under investigation.

—Demonize T in the community, especially with doctors, dentists and mechanics.

(Use medical and dental procedures such as vasectomy and root canals as opportunity to deliver terrorist threats and physical torture on T.)

—Isolate and marginalize T everywhere he goes by extensive character assassination.

—Prevent T from renting a place to live.

—If T attempts to sleep in his car, notify local authorities.

—Obtain false, sworn statements against T by two females in support of a fraudulent civil commitment order signed by a corrupt state judge.

(As of September 30, 2005, T believes that the fbi and the U.S. Department of Injustice use corrupt federal judges or federal magistrates to obtain fraudulent civil papers against T. See part 10 of My Story In Detail.)

—If T flees, label him as an international fugitive from justice and a threat to public safety.
For proof of this see Sosbee’s writ, page

Click here to see the Boeing Corp. perception of Sosbee as a fugitive.

—Affect a comprehensive electronic and physical surveillance on T in his home and car with simultaneous invasions into T’s living quarters and car.

— Insure that T understands that he is being watched in every corner of his dwelling (and in his car) by the following: 1) Enter unit and rearrange kitchen items and dinning table to replicate the way T had set the table early in the day; 2) When T places clothes in the apartment’s washer/dryer units, enter his unit and turn on the water, or place trash in the washer/dryer unit which T is using; 3) When T covers up at night with the same blanket, urinate only on that portion of the blanket (center edge) that reaches T’s face; 4) When T steps into the bathroom, open T’s front door; 5) When T falls asleep, open the front door; 6) If T tries to watch TV, take over the remote control unit, changing channels and turning the TV on and off in rapid succession. 7) When T returns to his living quarters begin telephonic and cell phone harassment the moment T enters his home; 8 ) Tamper with particular objects which T touches or uses in the home or car and rearrange or destroy personal objects (such as dental floss) which T touches on a given day; 9) Observe T in real time to make adjustments to types and intensity of harassment.

— When T attempts to cover walls or ceiling to afford privacy, enter and tear down the covering.

— Plant drugs in T’s food for the following purposes: 1) to eliminate libido and to interrupt normal bodily functions; 2) Force T to sleep; 3) Prevent T from sleeping; 4) Cause mood swings in T.

— Send operatives to taunt or jeer T following the poisonings.

— If T stops eating at home, place drugs or virus bacteria in T’s food in restaurants.

— Send operatives to test T’s temper, to assess and to provoke T by repeated incidents of assault and battery.

— Send female operatives to engage T in conversation wherein she abruptly stops the discourse and runs away from T.

— Order a subscription in T’s name to Chef magazines.

— Place pink colored and female objects (such as panties) in T’s personal effects.

— Use local police departments around the world to stage fraudulently conceived and illegally carried out attempted sting operations against T, in efforts to obtain a basis upon which to charge T with a civil or a criminal offense.

— Repeatedly label T as one of unbalanced mind.

— Reinforce T’s awareness of his bodily dysfunctions by: 1) Removal of the male end of the battery charger from shaver or cell phone; 2) Dislodging the automobile’s turn signal, so that when T touches the device, it falls from position and is held only by electrical cord; 3) Leave phallic symbols in T’s car from time to time.

— If T seeks treatment for illness of any kind, notify doctor or dentist and security officers that T is under investigation and is unbalanced.

— Initiate conditioned-response program designed to punish T for certain activities, such as: 1) Asking Congress for help; 2) Visiting the Law library; 3) Social discourse;

4) Relaxing.

— Continue and intensify terrorist actions without break: 1) Plant live roaches in T’s food in the refrigerator; 2) Tear up, purloin, or destroy the zippers in T’s slacks and cut the ties so that they are not wearable; 3) If T has a roommate, poison her and leave a reminder to T that he is the cause for her suffering (i.e.: place the heels of T’s shoes on the toes of the roommate’s shoes); 4) If T attempts to socialize with potential friends, tamper with their cars to cause them to avoid T; 5) Follow T into movies, restaurants, or other public places in order to assess and in order to collect items or information that can be used against T the next day, or the next month: If T eats at Hotel X, place a match box, or a pen, from Hotel X in T’s Car, or between the sheets of T’s bed; If T sees a movie with a scene of suicide by knife, enter T’s unit and plant a butcher knife in an odd and suggestive location with the handle up and out for T to observe upon his return from the movie.

— Tamper with T’s accounts by the following methods: 1) Close some accounts; 2) Change the address on some accounts; 3) Submit false address change to United States Post Office; 4) Use T’s credit card unlawfully to charge services*.

* for proof of this see Sosbee’s Writ, page a26 (click here).

— Tamper with T’s car extensively, especially as a part of the conditioned-response technique: Tamper with the electronic temperature control panel, so that a setting by T at 60 degrees is reset to read 90 degrees, and so that a manual setting by T at off is reset to read Low, Medium, or High, depending on the level of punishment T may expect to receive soon.

— Disable T’s car by slashing tires, causing them to peel off from wheel; place water in the gas tank; turn on the car’s parking or interior dome lights; replace new fuses and bulbs with dead ones. Click Here For Police Reports

See also page a26 of the writ for the police report on the slashing...

— Threaten T regularly by placing broken windshield chips in the driver’s seat of T’s car and by repeatedly resetting the temperature display panel to read 90 degrees and High; send operatives to carry on conversation within hearing distance of T, so that suggestions of suicide (or other alternatives) are discussed; send operatives to make abrupt U-turns in head on traffic with hazard light on.

— Stop hostilities a day or two in order to prevent habituation (a psychological defense). The relentless and calculating pressure on T by the tormentors is generally effective to the extent that T is worn down from being on guard and alert to the ever-changing tactics used against him day and night. However, with each new twist of the terrorist’s actions, T holds to his conviction that evildoers in this world are simply confused representatives of an otherwise noble species of inhabitants on this good earth and that the vital key to our individual and collective survival and prosperity is our ability to recognize and confront the physical and the intellectual challenges presented to us for resolution. I hope that this information can help save the lives of people whom, targeted as they may be, we need in this world.

Best Wishes and Respectfully Submitted.

Geral Sosbee

“My Story In Detail” First Posted October 15, 2000

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December 28, 2013
I am again driven out of my home by fbi operatives, including law enforcement acting as operatives. ELF intensifies as well as assaults by fbi street thugs. No names are herein published due to slander laws which protect the criminals who so perform against the law and against me. See http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/letterfrompostal.html



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