fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

I sent the *request shown below to the following vet representative, Michael Gifford, of 'onbehalfdotorg' who replied , "NO". Note that I am a 60% disabled combat vet of Viet Nam.

Michael Gifford /span>mike@onbehalf.org>

to me

Best regards,

*Please publish this:

Evidence of fbi as quasi monsters against this US citizen and combat veteran.

In the links below the reader may find evidence that this country is a de facto police state as spearheaded by the sub humans in the fbi. Note that the US congress and the SCOTUS are fully aware of the atrocities committed against me; yet the leaders in all branches and departments of government stand by and at times cheer for the fbi to finish their work. Evidence:




Preface: we must prosecute fbi/cia for clandestine murders.


The fbi trains all police leaders at NA to beat, torture, imprison and murder our people.


SCOTUS authorizes police/fbi to kill you if you flee in your car, notwithstanding your complete innocence.

*The FY 2014 budget request for FBI totals $8,443 million, which is a 4.0% increase over the FY 2012 Enacted.

Meanwhile, the fbi is on a roll of unconscionable offenses, a crime spree unprecedented in human affairs,



No subjects demand more attention from the press & all media than fbi/cia/police continuing crimes of torture, imprisonment, forced suicide, and murder of our people; yet, the biggest voices and most prominent news men of our time pretend that no such atrocities exist. To all of them I say “you are cowardly accessories to murder, mayhem and high crimes perpetrated on your behalf by the most despicable sub humans and quasi monsters ever to live on earth (fbi and company).”

Furthermore, such irresponsibility in failure to enlighten the public on vital issues of government hideous oppression is an indictment of all who benefit from this decadent culture .


*A Postulation:


supreme irony:


Descent into the abyss; see my work also at



Increased assaults on me by the fbi:


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Comment by geral sosbee on October 3, 2015 at 10:53am

The onbehalf group apparently blocks me on Facebook.


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