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Gaslighting, The Devil's Pitchfork (and often the fbi's preferred weapon)

Gaslighting, The Devil's Pitchfork (and often the fbi's preferred weapon)

Geral Sosbee 

                                 Gaslighting poses a serious threat to mankind.

The fbi regularly and ritually slays their victim by first incapacitating him by DEW, chemical poisoning, or other extreme assaults that render him defenseless; then, watching the victim react to the inhumane physical attacks, the fbi brings down an avalanche of concurrent psychological operations which are intended to force the victim to seek a final exit. 

In my recent articles, papers and reports I have shown how the fbi in furtherance of their gaslighting games actually employs police, medical doctors, assassins, a federal magistrate judge, and members of the community to pile on against a given Target. See for example my report on 'gaslighting' at this link: 


Then, consider how the fbi, in efforts to cover up their crimes against the Target, also recruit as accessories to fbi's crimes the DA, the DA Investigator and police officers who insanely threaten the Target for trying to file a police report on the crimes. The police then insult the victim by saying on the record that no offense occurred, and telling the victim of fbi/police felonies to, "take the medication ". So, the illegal and unconscionable gaslighting methods that are designed to drive the victim crazy have no limits in this society. 

Report on fbi's Corruption of police, DA, et.,al.: 


Fbi Corrupts entire CJS: 


Fbi corrupts a doctor who writes a patently false medical report in order to enhance the gaslighting assaults on the victim and to provide the police and others with a fictitious cover for their own crimes against the Target. 


For additional examples of the crimes associated with gaslighting, see "My Story In Detail " and 

The disintegration of society and the collapse of any sense of human decency are evident in the way the fbi and company torture and ultimately murder the Target, often using the gaslighting phenomenon as a fulcrum upon which to launch other life threatening assaults. 

Thank you. 


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