fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Gabriella Hafner Sends Nasty Hate Message:

              A very disturbed woman and former

                  non participating  member of this forum

sends the following message to me (on *facebook).Note that apparently Hafner ( probably a pseudonym) deceitfully  joined this NING group in order to later verbally attack me as shown below; he or she is a fraud on Facebook and a menace to the community at large for the devious and low maneuvers that she diabolically lay in wait to spring:

                                                         5 hours ago   Gabriella Hafner  

                       "you are welcome you sneaky asshole!!!!!!.."

                                                                   Gabriella Hafner.


Here is the page on Facebook that the shill with hateful agenda Hafner used as a reference; for a similar mentality to that of Hafner (as evidenced by her filthy language and despicable tactic), see fbi operative Upton at: http://austin.indymedia.org/article/2014/08/28/fbi-operative-identi...



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December 17, 2011
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*Geral Sosbee writes:  below are the actual exchanges of messages that were sent on 'facebook messages' forum (note that in the first message from Geral Sosbee to Hafner the letter 'G' below refers to the name 'Gabriella'; the second message is sent from Hafner to Geral Sosbee): 

 August 20 Geral Sosbee
"G- did you withdraw from my site 'fbi/cia are terrorists'? thnks.Best Wishes.geral"

5 hours ago Gabriella Hafner "you are welcome you sneaky asshole!!!!!!"

Sosbee's Note:

When one discovers (or uncovers) a fraud on the net or in facebook, then shows the evidence of that fraud, all should take note and not run away. Gabriella Hafner is such a fraud pretending on Facebook to be involved as a Target of inhumane attacks that some of us actually experience; her real purpose is to lurk and spring into action with psyops or any other tool available to her/him. She represents the living dead among us and can be seen in broad outline here:                      http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/statement.html

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