fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi/Army thug anonymously admits to banning me from 'Submit Reddit '

Another fbi message to me from a cowardly agent/operative with us army who is unhappy with my report on Army Intelligence. The message to me is sent from a little army coward who defends the fbi assassins. 

post replyArmy Intelligence resents fbi cowards who attack combat vets

"OK, number one. Your website is so ridiculous that it makes me incredibly happy. It's like

Geocities took a dump on my middle school web page and sprinkled in /r/conspiracy.

And number two, you're shadowbanned. You need to talk to the administrators to fix that."

"from thanks_for_the_fish[M] via /r/army sent 26 days ago

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