fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi assassins are forever exposed as insane


This report shows the true nature of fbi agents and their twisted view of their role in society.

For individuals targeted by fbi thugs:
The fbi threatens all the world; you and I can stop the fbi by presenting our reports on fbi gratuitous violence, traitorous conduct and murderous calling.

Why would fbi dedicate half a century to decimate, defame, torture, maim and try to discreetly assassinate one of their own agents, GERAL SOSBEE, whose service is punctuated with 3 *letters of commendation from fbi Director?

The answer is that destruction of lives and murder is exactly the collective mission and 'raison d'etre' of fbi. Such an atrocious mentality is the fbi's claim to fame and their Special Agents are paid big, big salaries & bonuses for fulfilling their macabre assignment for our twisted culture. 'Killing and torturing' is what they do and they are proud of the deformity of mind and heart that feeds off the suffering and deaths of others.

The fbi operation against me continues today and I believe that fbi has never had so much difficulty in neutralizing a Target.

From BARBARA HARTWELL on cowards and criminals abound, all trying to end the life of a Target:



Any objective reading of my thousands of reports, my WRIT, papers at Academia.edu and other articles results in the discovery of the fbi dirty police state agenda which must in the name humanity be shut down. Fbi must be put out of business and their decadent files opened for examination. Only then may our people have a chance to secure the so called blessings of liberty. **We can replace the fbi and all criminal laws that are exploited by fbi to kill people:


Finally, the additional background data on GERAL SOSBEE as presented by BARBARA HARTWELL:


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