fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Fbi deletes this report on their crimes


fbi is unworthy,not qualified to arrest /prosecute anyone because fbi are liars, murderers & traitors who hide their own felonies.
The fbi deletes many of my reports, but fbi waits a few days after publication to do so in hopes that I will not notice . Here is the link to the most recently deleted post:
Below is the report which fbi seeks to hide:
A Review of fbi crimes
Fbi audacious crimes & insanity accepted by most, except me

This report appeared several years ago and is partially duplicated here because government was not paying attention.

fbi assassin, aka Monique Abu-Jamal, aka Paint me doubtful inadvertently reveals his roles in torture and attempts on my life for the past 35 years. See his  comments in the *links below and note:

1)The small mind of the fbi stalker who has participated in the atrocities which I document for over 3 decades.
2) The fbi references to his own employer as he states , "They must think...."
3) The fbi casual * outrageous  labeling me as a murderer and possible mass murderer
5) The fbi's absurd presumption that the reader follows his illogical thoughts on the subject of what the fbi thinks and knows .
6) The stunning audacity of fbi to send their half wit assassin to label this Target in such an insane manner.

Fbi assassins come online and try to portray me as a murderer:
Monique Abu-Jamal 25.Feb.2014

paint me doubtful 26.Feb.2013

Even the police (federal, state & local) pile on the fbi fraudulent campaign to neutralize, imprison or kill me. See my reports on the University of Texas cops WILSON, BLEIER,  EARHART,TREVINO who were material witnesses to ten years of harassment  (including threats,  assaults and battery on campus) by fbi, cops , civilian staff and street thugs. See also my documentation of USPI KNIPFING & TEXAS DPS RODRIGUEZ who collaborated with fbi hoodlums and with big bad Senator John Cornyn, as KNIPFING & RODRIGUEZ   came to my home to threaten me and my wife. Add other cops such as Detective Adrian Posada who also threatened me and refused to accept my vandalism report.
Finally, another cop moved in an adjoining unit to mine and assisted fbi in pumping toxic fumes into my residence.

In review I emphasize that a truly corrupt federal magistrate judge authorizes to this moment all fbi crimes and character assassination of me and attacks by DEW and ELF weaponry for life.

Thank you.

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