fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi and fmj commit crimes against humanity

See the following links for background *data related to this report.



Collapse of the constitutional government of the United States of America:




I have learned from observation, personal experience and professional judgment that the fbi is among the most heinous offenders of human, constitutional and other rights in the world. These fools who call themselves fbi agents, operatives, informants, street thugs, etc., actually engage in extensive felonies against their Target (usually an innocent person, or whistleblower) intending thereby to kill the Target. Indeed, the fbi monitors, surveils, harasses, threatens, encourages final exits and forces the victim of psychological and physical terrorist assaults to live a life of horrors. The the fbi observes the target execute a final exit.


Congress and SCOTUS are party to these high crimes against an ever expanding segment of our population.


Anyone who wants to stop the crimes by the fbi should contact congress who, as I have shown, do nothing to reign in the fbi assassins. With respect to the fbi’s use of the *“Global Disease Surveillance System” as a pretext to globally surveil a Target, see my report online. Note that the intelligence community intentionall infects some Targets with communicable diseases in order to fit that particular Target into the mold of one who poses a threat to the public. Sexually transmitted diseases are a favorite disease delivered onto the victim of fbi/cia vendettas. My medical clearance dated June 13, 2018 is shown below.





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