fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

November 2, 2021

Please note that I feel for everyone who is being sleep deprived by ELF. Psyops are also used in addition to sleep deprivation (SD)which itself is psyops.
fbi assassins know that I also have degenerative disc disease (DDD)which makes walking difficult. 
DDD in combination with SD sidelines me from time to time. Then, fbi assassins send operative to harass me discretely.
Finally, fbi knows that I receive my retirement benefits at end/beginning of each month. fbi also knows that any Target who may possibly seek *exit from torture has priority to save money for wife or family. So, today, fbi turns up elf, nearly disabling me completely & at same time sends hoodlum to remind me of the assaultive surveillance 24/7/365. These orchestrated events reflect cruel insanity of all fbi programs against a Target.
As I have no proof of these crimes, fbi may simply attribute all such reports to paranoia. No one wants to believe that USA gov is evil & sadistic, especially against disabled vets.
Thanks for reading my complaints.
*fbi watches for depression in Targets and fbi strategically executes all of the above tactics on the same day. Then, the fools cross their fingers that their insane plots may succeed. However, they fail.  

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