fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

The following Postulation is intended to remind the world of the lunacy of the fbi 

For 25 years and globally the fbi has tortured, hounded, threatened and tried to end my life. Fbi thugs, sociopaths and assassins pursued me with hundreds of their sick associates continuing to date. Millions of dollars (about 30 million) are wasted by the fbi in this illegal & inhumane campaign to silence just me.

I am one; so in theory the math associated with the fbi assaults might look like this :
30 million $ against one (me) is the zeroth power of ten. They reach just me.

I on the other hand, alone and with my small pension benefits have resisted the fbi assassins and I have reached hundreds of thousands globally for 15 years. With ripple effects, a power of 3,4,5, or 6 is evident from the combined calculation of all of my tens of thousands of entries online.

So, in theory my efforts to diminish the power of the fbi against me might look quite different from the above hypothetical:
1 (me) x 10 to the power of , say 6, = one million.
I reach millions.

Thus, the fbi can take no credit in their criminal assaults on me because 1) I am still here reaching people globally and 2) my work (always intellectual and peaceful) dwarfs the murderous fbi campaign against me in terms of significance, humaneness, and 'reach' .

The fbi thugs come at me 24/7/365 (with DEW, etc) and I respond with the same time measurements thanks to the internet, but with far greater economy of scale and infinite possibilities for increased coverage of my reports far after I depart this life.

All in all the low subhumans of the fbi and with all their powerful friends in congress & on the courts are hereafter exposed as pathetic fools and cancers on the fabric of mankind. History so records these phenomena. I take solace in these realizations.


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