fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

30 years passed in an instant. Ubi Sunt?

This report reflects 30 years of tribulation continuing to this moment as perpetrated on me by the fbi assassins.

In 1985 I was an active teacher and attorney in El Paso, Texas, whereupon I began to experience strange and inexplicable assaults on my person and my property. Some such assaults were life threatening, while others were just terror-like.

Then, I experienced the most devastating event that a man may face in society: My life was hijacked. See:

The only explanation for the crimes against me was based on fbi retaliation for my reports of their crimes against another innocent person, Ms. Margaret S. Rodriguez. See:

The criminal offenses that I have documented against the fbi are too numerous to list, but many are available in my sworn affidavits 2007, 2014, online. The terror campaign against me by the fbi thugs is described in twenty parts of “My Story In Detail” which continues to unfold to this minute.

After ten years of covert and serious assaults, I tried to find a way to recover; I contacted Congress and filed suit. All efforts were received with contempt and some members of congress jouned with the highest courts in the USA to threaten and to harass me. My Writ is available online as are my reports to numerous members of congress.

Finally, I realized that I had no other way to survive the felonious attacks by the fbi and their operatives, except to present to the public the sordid reality thrust upon me by fbi’s homicidal sociopaths. I started my website at www.sosbeevfbi.com in the year 2000 in the hopes that the fbi might stop or reduce their painful assaults. They did not stop; rather the fbi assassins actually increased attacks on me using high technology (including Directed Energy Weaponry- DEW, chemical & biological agents, and extreme psychological operations such as invasions into my home and repeated poisonings.)

I also tried to post my painful experiences on various Indymedia forums and other message boards. I soon learned that, as with the fbi control over the main street media, the so called independent media groups were under siege by the fbi, that they were being shut down or otherwise forced into submission to fbi publication standards.

The west coast Independent media groups were from the beginning under the control of the fbi censors. They almost always blocked me from publishing.

Portland Indymedia initially prevented my publications as I in frustration reported here:


A year ago I wrote...All media groups in the world who prevent me from publishing are acting as de facto operatives or accessories to the widespread offenses by the US intelligence community, particularly the fbi. My work describes first hand exactly how the fbi threaten, harass, torture, imprison, force suicide while being monitored, and murder innocent persons.

Then, for no apparent reason, Portland Indymedia allowed me to publish on their forum, but today I discovered the apparent reason why that group allowed me to post: by allowing me to publish on the Portland Indymedia forum, the fbi was able to plant one of their cyber stalkers/disinformation agents to commence ad hominem attacks every time I posted. The fbi hoodlum is associated with the fbi’s team of torturers and assassins who are ‘on my case’ 24/7/365 globally and for life.

Below are representative samplings of a few of the fbi agent/operative’s verbal attacks. Today, the fbi assassin who uses various aliases (such as James Duval, J. Robert Upton, etc.) does not continue his attacks, but now Portland Indymedia places my reports in the trash, or the “compost” file where virtually no one sees them.


See the moderator's false comments here:


"++ Its been moved to the Open Compost folder - scroll to link at bottom of the Newswire.

++ Your daily posts and rants are really "not local news".

++ Your articles are still visible on the internet but are not on the front page Newswire.

++ You pretty much have been posting the same information for years sometime everyday or more. "


So, I conclude that the Portland Indymedia group is heavily influenced by the fbi counterintelligence thugs who seek to fraudulently turn public opinion against me. For more on the fbi’s use of the internet to destroy whistleblowers’ credibility, see the wordpress & Academia links near the bottom of this report.*

** Below are a few of the failed fbi’s efforts to discredit as permitted by the Portland Indymedia chiefs; note that the fbi assassin, aka, Duval, defeats himself by admitting that I posted my DD214 form as evidence of my Army service.**

Many other assaults were permitted by the Portland Indymedia group every time I published, but in the end the fbi’s own lunatics destroyed and contradicted their own defective argument.

At this moment the same fbi operative who for 15 years has assaulted and once tried to kill me by pumping toxic fumes into my residence enters the library and takes a seat next to me, laughing. She is accompanied by a would be witness ready to report any reaction to the corrupt federal magistrate/judge controlled by the fbi.

James Duval link
“Nobody gives a shit about what happens to you, you fucking liar and fraud.
Fake War Hero: Claims to be a "decorated" war hero, only problem is that he didn't receive even one decoration. Lies and fraud.
Fake whistle blower: claims to be a whistle blower, only problem is that he never even addressed the Rodriquez case that he claims to have blown the whistle on until 20 plus years afte"
Excuse Me 22.Mar.2013 12:32
bebopalula link
"Excuse me sir, but you have lost your mind. It probably wasn't worth a shit before you lost it, but it is definitely lost. The stuff you write on here and your website is absolute proof that you are fucked in the head. Everybody is a fbi assassin if they have the audacity to comment on one of gerals collection of lies he calls reports. Not my fault you are a fucking moron."
"Liar and Fraud on this thread: geral sosbee 10.Apr.2013 14:57
Pick Ur Boogyman link
You are an insane and cowardly little punk. May your troubles be multiplied each and every time you tell/post a lie or file a false report on someone. May your fraudulent claims eventually catch up with you and some innocent victim of your "false" reports sue your stinking, lying ass to bankruptcy. May every lie you tell return just reward to you.
Quit posting your insane drooling rants and just answer the question. The longer you wait the more evident it becomes that you are nothing but a PUNK ASS FRAUD.
You Are Batshit Crazy 12.Apr.2013 17:38
James Duval link
Eat Shit You Fucking Moron 16.Apr.2013 16:24
James Duval link"

The fbi continues their efforts to silence or kill me, but I am better able to accept the unconscionable assaults on me because I know that my work accomplishes at least two goals:

1) I vent my frustrations
2) I expose the very lowest form of human beings for the world to see:
And: http://www.indymedia.org.nz/articles/5864
And my affidavit 2014 at http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/affidavit2_2014.pdf



How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations.

See also my paper at


See evidence that the fbi secretly turns civil court judges into operatives and at the same time uses the internet to try, convict, and punish innocent Targets of fbi for intelligence purposes and with the implied acceptance of the general public.

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Comment by geral sosbee on May 23, 2016 at 6:32pm

Portland Indymedia (PI) Moderator Lies

Here are the false statements, followed in parenthesis by my refutation :

Your article is not banned! 
(My articles are placed in the trash where nobody looks)

++ Its been moved to the Open Compost folder - scroll to link at bottom of the Newswire.

(Open Compost is a euphemism for a virtually hidden graveyard for articles of political dissidents who frighten the murderous fbi,police,etc.)

++ Your daily posts and rants are really "not local news".

(The word 'rant' is intended as an insult and the 'not really local' comment is irrelevant because 
1)I label all of my reports as "global" which PI encourages
2)All of my submissions relate to crimes committed throughout the USA by assassins of the fbi, police and their friends in Congress and the highest courts, all of whom force a deadly police state on every town & village in this nation.)

++ Your articles are still visible on the internet but are not on the front page Newswire.

(My articles are not readily visible and the PI moderator knows this; the moderator capriciously relegates my work to his second or third rate filing system because he does not understand the profundity of the work, nor the significance of my articles on the people of the world).

++ You pretty much have been posting the same information for years sometime everyday or more.

(The above statement is a lie; perhaps the moderator should try reading "My Story In Detail" at www.sosbeevfbi.com to discover the methods used by the fbi to torture , falsely imprison, force final exits and murder those insiders who know the truth about how the fbi has destroyed this nation. However, the moderator will never perform such an effort because it's too much trouble).

++ Here is an informing article on indymedia posting that might help http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/01/431465.shtml

(Nothing is 'informing' about the stock data provided by PI to falsely justify rejection of politically uncomfortable reports like mine.)

++ {Many of your previous articles can be found in the Open Compost if they are not on the Newswire}.

(Open Compost has a bad odor , as does the apparent motives by PI to disparage my work, while allowing thugs to engage in filthy ad hominem assaults, because such dirty words as Fbi's Duval, aka assassin anonymous, should be thrown in the compost and not permitted on Moderator's front page.)

------Shame on PI and the sneaky moderator ----------

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