Driving Gold Beach, Oregon...along Highway 101

September...is best time for Oregon Coast. You finally get some sun. And, sun light out here.............shows you the real hidden beauty on this coast. It is a heavonly paradise, as long as you have sunlight.

  • geral sosbee

    Thomas- your photos are truly splendid and provide for many of us a place to contemplate from our own unique perspective the expansive and creative wonders of the universe & our place therein. Thank again for sharing your art.


  • Gil McDonald, Sr.

    Hi Thomas, I always enjoy your photographic art and thought of this view as especially interesting.

    It certainly is thought provoking. 


  • Thomas S. Bean

    I think I'm the only guy here...or the only T.I....who "hit the road" as a defense. It kind of works...but, the STALKING is interstate. The civilians are the vigilantes in this. They are...criminals. Brilliant strategy for The FBI and CIA: "enlist idiots who think they are good solid citizens" to do all the crimes while DOJ-FBI employs "deliberate indifference" and "criminal apathy" as a modus.