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McAllen ,Texas.(fascist uSA)

United States

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  • geral sosbee

    Thomas- I receive many similar messages and I ignore them unless I can verify who the person is. Even then, I have no good answers to technical questions. God Bless You,

    My Good Man.

    Best Wishes.geral

  • Thomas S. Bean

    Thanks the surveillance global?

    Has The NWO, already gone into effect?

  • Thomas S. Bean

    One game I invented to "feed crap info" to the surveillance....involves...going to Facebook and whip up as many friends as possible...and get in on chats...with lots of the surveillance a lot of think about and digest that LEADS NOWHERE.  I really don't know any of these people?  FACEBOOK is a cheap way for the police state to locate and identify associates, but...what would they do with the info?  Most of it is the usual banalities of every existence?  Voyeurism as hobby?  Feed them the Seattle phone book to choke on their own self created voyeurism?